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    School me on double strollers

    I know very little about strollers. We have a Maclaren Volo that we like, but we would like a double.

    One 3.5 year old (very light ~30 lbs) and one 10 month old (~22 lbs) would ride in it. We'll walk to the downtown area which is about 1-1.5 miles. Sometimes we take the train, so something that is easy to collapse and light/small would be ideal. We sometimes go to the beach, but otherwise it is all sidewalk/paved street travel.

    I know nothing about what is available or what the cost would be. For those of you who know this sort of thing and like talking about it, teach me. What's good? What are my options? What different price points are we talking about?

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    Re: School me on double strollers

    For long walks like that I would want air tires, or at least something like the baby jogger city mini double. Truthfully, you may want to look at 2 different doubles. Like maybe a maclaren twin triumph for when you take the train, and something like a baby jogger city series, bob revolution duallie (or the AW) or a mountain buggy urban double. They would work on the beach, but sometimes you want to be careful with the salt and the stroller. Price points are anywhere from 80-800 depending on exactly what you are looking for. But for a compromise, the baby jogger city mini double may just suit you just fine.
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    Re: School me on double strollers

    In your situation i would look into the phil and ted's. Your oldest is 3.5 so she won't always be in a stroller. With the phil and ted's you have the option of a single or a double.

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