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    Help selecting which baby jogger stoller to get

    Hey ladies, I can't decide on a stroller and was wondering if you have any insight. I really like the Baby Jogger City Series strollers, but can't decide which to get. I won't be jogging with it and will use this as my primary stroller. I am deciding between the City Mini, City Classic, and City Elite.

    I found good deals on the CC and the CE, but haven't seen them in person. I have seen the CM and love it, but can't help but think that the other two may be better b/c they cost more.

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    CPS Advocate lovinwaves's Avatar
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    Re: Help selecting which baby jogger stoller to get

    Probably the City Mini unless you plan on being outside alot with your stroller, or want the option of air tires for special outdoor events (zoo, fair, trails, etc...)

    The City Mini is a great all around stroller. Even though the wheels are plastic (that's what mainly sets it apart from the CC and CE), they are quiet large, and can handle some off road conditions. I have pushed my CM through snow and ice...heck I even ran with it that day to get from store to store.

    The CM is going to be alot lighter, and cheaper, but still give you all of the great BJ known features such as the Higher seatback, their one-step fold, great quality, great customer services, awesome sunshade, and wheels that easily pop off.

    It is a hard decision. I admit. I have a double CM, and a single CE, but wish I had a single CM as well.

    The downside of having the CE or CC for indoors/shopping is that it is larger, bulkier, and will take up more trunk room (not alot, just more than the CM.) But, it is nice to have a stroller that can "do it all."

    So, basically, if you find yourself to be pushing it mainly more indoors, then go with the CM.
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    Carseat Crazy marjen's Avatar
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    Re: Help selecting which baby jogger stoller to get

    I have the City Elite, and I love it. It is a little big for crowded store racks and stuff like that...but it's awesome for walks, the zoo, gravel, etc. The fold is pretty small (especially with the wheels removed). Like what was stated previously, if you're mainly wanting a mall stroller, I'd probably go with the Mini. But I just love the versatility of the Elite.

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    Re: Help selecting which baby jogger stoller to get

    I love my CMD! The size, weight, and design make it easy to maneuver. No use for the heavier air filled tires/wheels; save the cash.

    BBJ Comparison chart.

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    Carseat Crazy Jordynsmama's Avatar
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    Re: Help selecting which baby jogger stoller to get

    I have the Elite and I love it. I chose it b/c we would be taking it on trails and things and it has the all terrain air tires-so there is a use for them for some people. I like that I can take shortcuts through grass and stuff like that in certain situations if I dont feel like going all the way around on sidewalk. Plus we are out at a lot living in So cal so its nice for outing. It fits through every door way but can get a little hard in really crowded stored with lots of racks close together. I really dont think its all that much bigger than the CM though. I got it on for 479.00.
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