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    Red face Still don't know what to do... (stroller)

    So DD is due in Nov. I will be wearing her oh 75% of the time (still dont'd know what carrier I want either ) right now all i've got is a Maclaren Quest. Ds (4) still needs a stroller oh about 25% of the time maybe less. we did take him to the zoo with out it but by the end all he wanted to do is be carried bc his legs were tired. So first off do you think the quest reclines enough for a newborn? Do I sell the quest and by a BJ or a P3? If you choose sell and get a BJ is there a buggy board that can be used with th BJ? I absolutely the BJ but don't think I need a double plus Dh doesn't want a double but also the BJ (stroller you sickos LOL) We were going for a sit n stand but since the Joovy Ergo came out i don't think I could get anything other sit and stand b/c that thing id TDF but $400 witch is to much for our budget. Ugh so many flippen decisions UGH UGH HELP MAKE UP MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nikki, Navy wife to Kevin and Mom to Jacob 6/05, 57in, and 62lbs riding in a harmony youth and other variuos backless boosters and Grace 11/09, 41in, and 40lbs riding in a Nauti (rear faced for 2y and 10 1/2 months)
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    Re: Still don't know what to do... (stroller)

    Keep your Mac, and always have a carrier with you. If ds needs to ride, wear baby. Otherwise, you can either wear baby or use a stroller.

    But yeah, I'd say since you babywear happily, and ds is over the age of 4 you should be fine.

    Or, get a new stroller. Whatever.
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    Re: Still don't know what to do... (stroller)

    I have a Mac Quest and I am certain that it will recline enough for a newborn. I would for extra measure maybe use one of the head supports you can buy for a car seat for a few months. Good Luck and congrats on the new baby!!

    Amy!! Mom to
    Anthony-21, Daniel-18
    Aiden-8 RN65/RNXT

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