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Thread: Ford Freestyle?

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    Ford Freestyle?

    Does anyone have a ford freestyle? I like the looks of them, but I have a Loaner Odyssey overnight last night and today and Oh My Goodness is it nice!!! Wow, loaded to the gills. Just wondering if anyone has looked into the Freestyle and compared them to Odyssey or even drives a freestyle and can give some input?


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    Re: Ford Freestyle?

    A tech friend of mine in TX has one and she loves it.
    Rebekah Branch, CPST from May 2005 until June 2011
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    Re: Ford Freestyle?

    I own one (and in 9 years I've owned 5 cars) and the freestyle has the perfect mix of everything for me! I've been in two severe crashes so safety was #1 for me. Ford used a ton of Volvo technology on this car and I think Ford really thought about the car... as a busy mom with 2 kids, own my own business and drive carpool with 2 other kids....I always have enough room for kids, gear, visiting grandparents, groceries ect......
    I live in the mountains at 8000 ft and have to drive over two mountain passes over 10,000 ft. to get to a major city. The freestyle has plenty of power (way better than my subaru wagon) and with the CVT engine I get great gas mileage (24+ on average-higher on freeway only). I've owned mine since Aug. 05 and have 32,000 miles on it --- so I drive a lot -- and in the snow for 8 months out of the year. I have the AWD version and IceX tires on it and haven't had a single slip yet.
    There are 4 sets of latch and 4 tether anchors --- seats have never been a problem to install. As you can tell, I really LOVE my car. A friend of mine said, you have to drive it, and she was right -- once I drove it I loved it.

    I needed to get a bigger car for carpool and really wanted a Sienna but it was just too much out of our budget -- while I still love the Sienna, I really love my freestyle and don't have toyota envy anymore! Also, ford often has "new buyer incentives" so I got a great interest rate as a first time ford buyer.
    The only thing I don't like about the cloth seats I have (not an issue if you are considering the limited w/leather) is that they stain very easily, even water will stain them. So, I would not let that deter you from buying the car, I would just recommend you get the seats scotchguarded before you use it. After this winter, I'm going to get my seats steamcleaned and scotch guarded.
    Feel free to PM me if you have more questions about the freestyle!

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    Re: Ford Freestyle?

    My parents have a 2007 Ford Freestyle, and I have driven and riden in it too. I really like it! It drives really nicely, and is very comfortable. They have the leather seats and DVD player. There are 3 sets of LATCH in the back, and I think there are top tether anchors for all 5 seats in the back (I'm not positive on that though, but I know there are 3 sets of LATCH). I got a great install really easily on my dd's spare seat. It has traction control (I'm not sure if that's the same as stability control), curtain airbags, and side airbags (and front airbags of course).

    If I were getting it, I think I would get the captain's chairs for the middle row (instead of the 3 seat bench like my parents have). The 3rd row has two seats. I would get the captain's chairs and have my oldest ds sit in the third row to avoid having to fit three seats across. The middle row seats flip up easily, but I would have carseats installed, so I wouldn't be able to flip them forward. Both rows in the back fold pretty much completely flat, so there's lots of cargo room.

    I have a minivan, which I think offers more space, and I like, but the Freestyle would definitely be something I would consider other than a minivan. The safety ratings are pretty good too.

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    Re: Ford Freestyle?

    Traction control is not the same as stability control, though stability control does include traction control as a feature because they use the same systems. Supposedly, the Freestyle will finally get stability control in 2008. I'm not sure why it's taking so long. The technology is readily available and relatively cheap if the vehicle already has ABS and traction control.

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