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    Carseat Crazy
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    Apr 2009

    What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Does your child have a favorite carseat? What carseat is it?

    My dd who is 3 just loves her new Radian. I don't know why, really. She has only had a Blvd or Snugride before. I think she loves it because it is new.

    What carseat does your child like and why?

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    Moderator - CPS Technician safeinthecar's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    DS---Recaro Start, then Regent, then Evenflo Confidence

    DD2---DS's Recaro Start (she rarely gets to ride in it though), Regent, Frontier, Confidence. The Frontier would be her favorite seat that is actually hers if it just had a plush cover.
    Proud mommy of Becky 18! Danny 15 Hope 12~Auntie to William-14, David-10, and Logan 2~

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    Carseat Crazy TheQueenMother's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Liddie hates her MAs now that she has the GN. She liked the regent as well and had no complaints about it. My MIL bought an alpha omego sport and Liddie cried everytime she had to sit in it. Now she has outgrown it, but having to use that seat was a nightmare.

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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    DS, Regent is fave (and has been off and on for years), his Parkway, then his Olli

    DD, Regent is fave (she was very sad to give it up), EFTA when RF'ing, loves her new Vivo. She has ridden in it approximately 3 times HATES her Nauti.

    Connor, 11 years, 5' 112lbs, seatbelt
    Ella, 8 years, 52" 60lb, FR 85, PW

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    CPS Technician NannyMom's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Sofi- the My Ride. I think it was the 'pockets' (cup holders).
    A- Vivo. I seriously think she will cry when she outgrows it.
    J- GN. He wants to use the seat forever.
    Mama to Sofi: 7.1 yrs, 46Lbs (47"), Boostered in a Turbo, Vivo, Monterey, Cybex; harnessed in Nautilus
    Nanny to BabyD, 21 months in a RXT, Classic Marathon, Boulevard 70

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    CPS Fanatic Shaunam's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    The EFTA. I think he likes it because it's comfy. He's not going to fit in it much longer though.
    Shauna, mom to Adrian (9 yrs, 54" and 83 lbs), in an Evenflo Amp and Charlie (6 yrs, 42" and 35 lbs), in an Evenflo Titan 65.

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    CPS Technician munchkin's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    DNi's is the Marathon. I am pretty sure it is only because of the pretty covers though . I let her go into the closet and pick out any cover she wants to put on whenever she gets to use the MA.

    DNe isn't really old enough to care. He is FF in his mom and dad's car, but seems just as content RF in my car.
    Katie ~ expired CPST & aunt to
    M 12.5 years & E 9.5 years & A 5.5 years & J 2.5 years & L 11 months

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    CPS Technician scoutingbear's Avatar
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    Jul 2008

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Hard to tell, because they like whatever they haven't ridden in a while...

    A: Says he wants the MA in my car (NOT going to leg support (I let him ride in it the other day and he had to have his hands under his legs the whole ride and his shoulders look very squished) BUT seems happiest in GN or Radian (he likes the low low sides of the radian to sit straddled across the seat. He has no complaints about any of the seats.

    C: Either the MA or Radian...too bad we only have one radian! He is starting to get too long legged for the MA in most cars and I notice his legs moving a lot more...I think because the seat is so shallow compared to everything else we have and he doesn't have as much leg support.

    ETA: I was right! I had all the seats laid out in the garage and no seats in my car. As we were getting ready to leave today, I asked the boys which seats they wanted. C immediately picked the Radian and A immediately picked the GN. He did surprise me though by specifying which one (I have both the BRU cover and Burlington cover) and wanted the one with the BRU cover on it.
    Last edited by scoutingbear; 08-03-2009 at 05:00 PM. Reason: ETA: I was right!
    A: 11 C: 9 M1: 5 M2: 6 months

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    CPS Technician Victorious4's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    DD adored the Boulevard RF when she was in preschool, but prefered the Recaro Young Sport when she turned FF -- it was all about the "pillows" (head wings) & the tilt of the seat bottom in the RYSport to relieve pressure on her long legs.

    Now she prefers the Husky because it feels like a "hug" & sits her up high (unlike the vest, which is also rather sweaty in the summer) & because she can so easily cross her legs in it ... but she likes the Monterey at least as much when the shoulder belt can be manually locked @ the retractor.

    The only reason she likes the backless Turbo is because of the Pirates cover

    If the RYSport harness fit as long as the Husky & had a built in shoulder belt lock off for booster use it would be by far the bestest of the best ever!

    She does have sensory issues, which is why the wings & extended harnessing is so important to her....
    TIFF ~ doula & all hours childcare provider
    SCARLA: winter '02 . . . Jr. Roller Derby level III
    BEAR: spring '11 ... Recaro Sport + Clek Oobr
    RAHNE: summer '17 ... MicoMax30 + RadianRXT
    childcare: 0-7yrs... Contender + Frontier Clicktight
    {emergencies: Scenera Next, Highback, Topside}

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    CPS Fanatic Morganthe's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Hands down, dd adores her Madison Regent. She's used it for 2 years straight.

    Followed second by the (now) princess covered Radian. But she's on the verge of outgrowing it. Might get one more trip out of it because I'll be cramped for space on our camping expedition. She's not thrilled, but it's acceptable.

    She's okay with the Pink & Black Frontier as long as it remains in Daddy's car for occasional use. She's happier using the Parkway for short term rides. Fabric texture matters.
    My Munchkin -- Nov 2008--5 years, 45.5", 42lbs
    Current Stats: 12 years old /5'5/ 115lbs/ Seatbelt

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    Admin - CPS Technician Emeritus UlrikeDG's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    Kira likes the Symphony better than the Roundabout, but I think that's just because the Roundabout is her primary seat, so the Symphony is a bit of a novelty to her when she gets to ride in it.

    She's almost too tall for the RA RF, so the Symphony will soon become her primary seat.
    Ulrike, mom to:
    Roman (3/98), Evalina (3/00), Nadia (3/03), and Kira (11/07)

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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    My youngest has yet to express an opinion. My second loves her Princess Radian, the Apex, and the SafeGuard Child Seats. My oldest likes all her seats, really. I'd say the ones that get the most "I love it"s, in no particular order, are the SafeGuard Child Seats, the SafeGuard GO (she likes the color and the armrests), and the Ride Safer Travel Vest, though she also loves her "grey seat" (Radian 65.)
    CPST and Mom to Emma, 15, Bridget, 13, Maggie, 11, Katie Sue, 6, Jimmy, born May 2019,
    and Becky, waiting for us as part of our eternal family.
    Our '02 Odyssey, car seats, and seatbelts saved our lives. Now riding in a '13 Odyssey!

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    CPS Technician emandbri's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    St. Peters MO (burb of St. Louis)

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    I was showing Benjamin the picture of him on britax's site and he said he really liked his green marathon, made me sad.

    Right now I'd say he likes the parkway just because he wants to be in a booster! lol Yesterday Brian took him to a birthday party and then had to head to work after so he was taking his car and Benjamin was dancing and singing "I get to ride in the blue seat" which is parkway with bubble fun cover.

    Elizabeth doesn't seem to care though if the marathon is in the van for my friend's kid she will climb into it but then smile and say "I ride in Katie's seat." Katie is my friend's daughter who rides in the marathon if she rides with us.

    Even though it is now backless Daniel still likes the monterey.

    Emily tech and mom to Jacob 16, Daniel 13, Benjamin 9, Elizabeth 6. Child care provider to 4 other kiddos.

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    CPS Technician firemomof3's Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    My 2 younger kids love their radians, by far their fav. so far. DD1 lover her Frontier but she says the the Young Sport was her fav.
    DD1 10.5y/o seatbelt
    DD2 8y/o 45" 52lbs. backless
    DS 7y/o 51" 58lbs. ProBooster or backless

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    CPS Fanatic
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    Jan 2007

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    in order from most fave to least?

    EFT (not EFTA)

    although she likes all the recaros for the SIP wings, the RYS is her hands-down fave. she actually smiles when she sees it .
    Two girls, 7 and 6. Trek Mountain, Specialized Hotrock, Soma Buena Vista, Bike Friday tandem, and multiple other bikes. Oh, and a Mazda5.

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    Senior Community Member solmama's Avatar
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    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    My dd's favorite seat-her Regent. I offered her the opportunity to ride in her Indy Plus full time (she's 5.5), and she told me she likes her Regent better.

    My ds' favorite, right now, none. Oddly. He's my picky one, too. He currently rides in a TF (dh's car, very secondary), and a Radian in our primary vehicle. He hasn't complained about either.

    Least favorite-EFTA, hands down. The red tabs hurt my ds and he cried a lot.
    DD-12 years, 68"
    DS-10 years, 60"

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    Admin - CPS Technician joolsplus3's Avatar
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    Chesterfield, VA

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    dd2 is three and really loves her Radian, way more than the True Fit or Go, though she doesn't throw tantrums about her less-liked seats, at least
    CPST since 2003, pu"R"ple since 2008, three kids growing too fast since 1997, 1999 and 2006

    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

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    CPS Technician Murphy's Law's Avatar
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    Feb 2007

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    My dd loves her Madison Regent. She really dislikes the RN, saying it's too hard and uncomfortable.

    Ds just doesn't care what we put him in. He frequently asks to ride in his sister's FF car seat, but that's not happening. He seems happy enough in his RN or EFTA.

    Laurie - special needs trained CPST, COTA/L & mom to:
    08/16/02 ~ 12/22/02
    *Murphy 01/05/05, 50 pounds, GN, Monterey, Vivo
    *Anders 09/11/07, 44 pounds, Monterey, Vivo

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    CPS Technician Maggie's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    DD1 loves her Monterey.

    DD2 will only use her MA.
    Emily (7.5) Monterey / Eleanor (4) Frontier 85 / Samantha (22 months) RF Radian

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    Senior Community Member Amaris's Avatar
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    Western New York

    Re: What is your child's favorite carseat?

    M loves the monarch. I don't think I've ever seen him want to sit in a seat as much. I'm actually considering looking for a parkway sg for I so M can have the monarch as a backless. He likes the padding and that the bottom can be adjusted to fit him. He's very thin and most seats are too wide for his little bottom!

    I loves the nautilus. He sleeps better in it than any other seat, and loves the cup holder and "toy" holder. I thought he had outgrown it, but the cover was below the slots by a bit, but I can't get a good seatbelt install so he's not in it

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