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    Carseat Crazy wyomommyx3's Avatar
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    Aug 2008

    I love it when...

    People ask my advice on carseats

    I ran to Wally World today for a few baby supplies & groceries, and this nice couple was looking at the Comfort Sport. They asked me if I knew anything about carseats (3 kids... apparently I'm an expert ).

    Anyways... door open!! I proceeded to educate them on why the Comfort Sport wouldn't last, why ERF'ing is so important, and gave them some really good other options: MR65, TF(P), Radian, EFTA... And the cutest part was when she asked what the older kids did with their legs RF'ing, DD said "I do this: and crossed her legs in the cart

    Anyways... just had to share!!

    Jess... SAHM to 5 little monkeys...
    {B:9}ProBooster{A:7} FF'ing Radian RXT{J:4} FF'ing RA50{D:2 1/2} RF'ing MA{B:10 months} RF'ing

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    Senior Community Member tjham's Avatar
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    Dec 2005

    Re: I love it when...

    Ahhhhhhh, that is so cute! And neat that they asked the right person for help!

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    Ambassador jess71903's Avatar
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    Aug 2008

    Re: I love it when...

    I love that your daughter helped with the education! That's awesome!

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    CPS Technician celtic1885's Avatar
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    Mar 2008

    Re: I love it when...

    That is so cute that your dd spoke up and demonstrated how she sits. That definitely goes a long way in showing people that it's not "uncomfortable".
    CPST & Mom to 3 great daughters
    DDM 20 yrs EMTbasic; Seatbelt
    DDK 1/10/06 54# Cybex X-Fix-booster - doing GREAT
    DDG 7/10/07 43# FF RE
    "You know you're healing when your sadness no longer affects your happiness" anon

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    Re: I love it when...


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    CPS Technician LuckyFins3Lil'Fish's Avatar
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    Re: I love it when...

    I wish I could Rep your DD. She provided the best educational tool for them. She provided the opinion of a child that actually ERF & can vouch that not only is it safe but it is comfy too. WTG!

    She deserves a treat mommy! Hee hee hee
    DS: 2-3-06 Boostered in a Diono Monterey. DDs: 3-21-08 FF Evenflo Big Kid Amp & Britax Frontier 85 Booster Mode
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    Carseat Crazy Thanksgiving_Twins_Mom's Avatar
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    Re: I love it when...

    for you and your DD
    and a to the couple for asking and listening
    Mom to Lydia & Deborah (both 5-stepped and almost as tall as mom) 15YO
    and comfy chair to Lily Cat (no car seats but will use a kitty harness for walks)

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