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    Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    My little one is only 21 lbs, and 31 inches, just turning one..
    I want to keep her rear facing till about 2 yrs old, and she is in safeseat graco now, ht limit is 32 inches..Weird thing is shell is still over her head by 5 inches? Isnt she still safe in this??

    Im only 5 ft, so I dont want anything too high in the car, but the myride looks huge? anyon elike it? does the slight recline bother your child when slightly older?
    I have a new mazda tribute SUV..Will it fit??

    Also, how is the combi corroco, spelling>? looks adorable and lightweight, but how safe is it? says 40 inches in ht limit, will it last her till at least 3?

    At 3 or 4 Im happy will getting another seat that is the booster till 100 lbs and has a HARNESS>my sister has one now, forgot the name....

    So i dont really think I ned a 65 lb limit, I just wnat something, ligtweight, un case we travel, and not bulky..

    My options im thinking of are trufit, ombi corraco, myride65, and radian by sunshien kids, and maxi cosi...Any thoughts on all of them???


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    Re: Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    As far as which one that will last the longest height wise, it'll be the True Fit hands down.

    My DD is almost 4, 39 inches with a 15-16 inch torso and I've had in 3 of these seats FF'ing.
    My Ride, she's on the 2nd from top slots FF'ing with just a touch of room before they would have to be moved up; Combi Corraco she's right at the top slots and will outgrow it on a next growth spurt
    True Fit she's on the 2nd from the top slots and has a lot of room to go before she's even to the 4th slot.

    The height limit on seats is a guideline, for Rear Facing the carseat is outgrown either by weight or when there is less than a inch of shell left above the child head, so it sounds like you'll have a lot of life with the seat she already has.

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    Re: Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    The Radians and Truefit have a very tall shell and will last the longest, will they block your view? I dunno. The MyRide is wide and not so much tall. The combi is the smallest. Very cute seat with lots of different color options. If you can try them out in vehicle and see what seat fits the best and what seat fits your child best, I'd do that.

    She still has room in the SS1, as long as she has 1" of hard shell above her head, she fits. I'm guessing she has long legs and a shorter torso? If she has that much room above her at 31", with a shorter torso you may not need the height of the TrueFit or Radians.
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    Re: Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    Honestly, I'd skip the Radian in your Tribute. I can't get a decent ff install in any location. Whenever I finally think I have it, it moves several inches forward at the belt path. I've finally conceded to the darn seat. It does install with latch or seat belt rear facing, but the vehicle seat has to be pretty far up. I have short legs and it's uncomfortable for me. I did get it in once with the seatbelt in the center rf. It fit nicely in there but I had to wrestle with it quite awhile.

    I'd recommend looking at the others first. The Complete Air is on my list! The corocco would be nice for a littler kiddo with a short torso. Would likely last to 3ish and is lower and smaller so wouldn't obscure your view as much.

    Babies R Us will let you try seats in your car, so do that if you're close to one. That way you can see what fits your needs and your car best.
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    Re: Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    Thank you everyone!

    yes, I have a tribute, so maybe the radian os no good..

    I jsut love the compact combi..Easy for air travel too...
    My issue is now I saw a picture of it installed rear facing, and the seat beat goes all the way up the side?/ How would you get the child in?? Is this for someone in an older car? Im confused..

    Anyone have the combi corraco, is the beat supposed to go clip to the back of the seat where the head is??

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    Re: Combi corraco, myride65, or true fit??

    Also, what about the maxi cosi ..

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