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    Exclamation Special needs carseat for a 10 mo

    I have a 10 mo son with menkes disease and he needs alot of support in a car seat or atleast a reclining car seat. I want one that can be rear and front facing, has head support, is very comfy, reclines, and that can stay with him for a while. I have no idea where to start so please help me. I have a car and alot of the people that bring us places have smallish seats or they incline so its hard to find one that works. Please give me some direction im completely lost in everything!

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    Re: Special needs carseat for a 10 mo


    I have a Special Needs little boy and we had the worst time finding a carseat.

    We wound up with a Recaro Signo because it has lots of head support, it is very reclined naturally, and it lasts to 35 LBS rear facing, which is safest. Its also more comfortable for low tone kids.

    It has deep sidewings, and is on a base, which can make it a little bit of a learning curve to board/unboard the child, but we did it.

    Before that, we'd had an Eddie Bauer 3 in 1, a bucket, an Uptown (which is also not bad, but not a very tall shell, and you can use a pool noodle to get it more reclined), and the Recaro Como.

    We'd bought and returned a Scenera as well.

    The Recaro Signo has roughly 17 or 18 inch top slots, an infinite harness adjustor so you dont have to rethread all the time, a LATCH bar, which makes it a cinch to install, and is a 70 lb Forward facing weight limit.

    Most kids won't make it to 70 lbs in this seat FF, but it does last most kids a good long while, til 5 yrs or so.

    If you need pictures, I can get them for you.
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    Re: Special needs carseat for a 10 mo

    The Recaro Signo or Graco MyRide would be excellent choices for you, be sure to rear face as long as possible (until 35 pounds for the Signo or 40 pounds for the MyRide or until his head is 1" from the top of the shell) as that will give him the most protection and most recline available in child safety seats.

    Another seat to consider is the Radian XT, which is excellent for rear facing, has body supports and head wings and rear faces until 40 pounds with a shell tall enough to get kids to 40 pounds (the MyRide probably won't, but it might if he has a short torso), but it's a very upright seat forward facing - of course if you could rear face him for 3-4 more years and buy another seat that's more reclined/supportive forward facing that's an option!
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    Re: Special needs carseat for a 10 mo

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you will have to (or be able to) get a special needs seat that rear-faces. They are all geared toward forward facing kids. I think the Recaro Signo or Como would be a good choice in your situation. ANY rear-facing seat can be reclined up to 45 degrees. You may just have to use a pool noodle or rolled towel to get it reclined that far (which is safe and not unusual). As the PP mentioned, keeping your baby rear-facing as long as you can in the car is the safest thing you can do, especially if his special needs include low muscle tone.

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    Re: Special needs carseat for a 10 mo

    yes, the como or signo would be really good for a baby that needs alot of support.
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