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    My child has special needs alright...

    I know this doesn't exactly fit the category...

    My son has figured out how to unbuckle chest clips on almost all of his carseats. A very intelligent (and often conniving two year old) cannot simply be told the behavior is unacceptable. He will just do it again to spite you.

    I'm concerned it won't be that long before he figures out how to unbuckle the leg straps on some of the seats.
    I'm also very concerned that he does indeed know how to "escape" from a few of the seats simply by unhooking the chest clip and squirming those little legs up and out after his arms are free.

    This can't continue!
    I can't afford to buy new seats, even if some of our seats are not the "best available on the market."

    Is there any type of additional safety devices that can be bought for reasonable prices? I hate putting a price on safety...but we are dirt poor. Should I just start switching seats with people to prevent him being in one long enough to learn to open it?

    What DO I do?

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    Re: My child has special needs alright...

    You know the little velcro dots? Put one on each side of the chest clip. Just the scratchy portion, not the soft. That should stop him. If not, the best thing is training IMO. Just pull over every time he does it and refuse to move til he is in correctly. Also, you say he can get out that way? Is his harness properly tightened? It should be snug enough that you can't pinch any slack in it at the shoulder. If it is tightened up like that he shouldn't be able to escape even with the chest clip undone.

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    Re: My child has special needs alright...

    Can he zip or button yet?

    Get a slightly over sized zipper or button shirt/sweatshirt. When you put him in the seat put the shirt on him unbuttoned, and fasten the car seat. Then you button or zip the shirt over the harness. Out of sight, out of mind . Getting it slightly over sized should help make sure the shirt covers the buckle.
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    Re: My child has special needs alright...

    Are his carseats have the type of chest clips that can be turned upside down and be harder for him to undo them?
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