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    Britax Parkway Slide Guard Review

    The Britax Parkway SG is their latest booster-

    The Britax Parkway SG should be on retail shelves in July. No, it’s not the old Parkway booster with new fashions; it’s an entirely new product. The Parkway Slide Guard is rated for kids 40 to 120 pounds and a standing height of 38 to 63 inches. The top seated shoulder height with the backrest is listed as 21.5 inches. The Parkway SG converts from an adjustable high back to a backless booster. It features the unique Slide Guard clip that helps prevent the child from sliding under the lap belt portion of a lap/shoulder belt, reducing the risk of abdominal injury.
    Overall? A very nice booster with a unique safety innovation. The disadvantages are minor, but obviously if they are a problem for you or your child, another carseat or booster may be a better choice in your situation. The price is a reasonable $119 at retailers like and Amazon.Com. This is no glorified phone book. A big volume of yellow pages may raise a child up, but it won’t have the side impact protection of the Parkway SG. It also won’t have the fixed arms, the Slide Guard clip and shoulder belt guide to keep the lap and shoulder belts positioned correctly. With the high back section, it also provides adequate head restraint for the child, even in vehicles that have low seat backs or lack head restraints. The Parkway SG is well padded, too. Details on the Parkway Slide Guard can be found at the Britax USA website.

    Remember, kids should use a booster or other appropriate child restraint until they are around 4′ 9″ tall. Ideally, any child should be able to pass SafetyBeltSafe’s 5-Step Test before being restrained with only the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt. With it’s tall back and 120 pound limit, the Parkway SG should accomodate most kids to 10 years old and beyond. With the Slide Guard clip, there may even be applications for special needs situations for both children and young adults.
    The full review can be found here-

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