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    car seat for petite daughter

    My daughter is 29 lbs and 41 inches at 5 years old. She is in a convertible car seat that converts to a booster that I was hoping to use until she is done being in a car seat. (She's still in 5 point harness and I would like to keep it that way!) She is starting to complain about her back hurting in her car seat. I was wondering if anyone knew of a car seat that might fit her better and be more comfortable. Thanks!

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    Re: car seat for petite daughter

    She is petite! My daughter was a little shorter, but even she was heavier at five years old. LOL She was 32 pounds at her five year appointment, and I forget how many inches. 40, I think.

    What seat is she in? A convertible goes from rear to forward facing. A combination goes from harness to booster. If she's in a convertible that turns into a booster then it's a 3 in 1, and it's possible her shoulders are over the top usable harness position anyway. It also helps us narrow down what to recommend to know the exact seat she's in. If it's an Evenflo Triumph Advance, for instance, then we don't want to recommend that one to you.

    The first thing that comes to mind, though, is the Graco Nautilus. It fits small kids very well, and turns into a very decent booster. It's what my daughter rides in, and she's still harnessed at nearly seven years old and 40 pounds (it has a 65 pound harness limit, not that you'd care, since your daughter will never hit 65 pounds harnessed. Neither will mine). She's probably got another six months tops in the harness before her shoulders go over. Then she's got it as a booster for years to come.

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    Re: car seat for petite daughter

    If it is a 3-in-1 with a bar in back to move the harness or red tabs on the front and the max 5-point weight is 40#, the top harness setting is only for booster mode. And a seat is outgrown in 5-point mode when the shoulders are at the top slots.
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    Re: car seat for petite daughter

    She is in an Eddie Bauer 3 in 1. I did notice that the shoulder harness was not at the right height so I adjusted it. She is still complaining though.

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