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    Britax Special Needs HIPPO Car Seat on EBAY

    I didn't know that Britax made special needs seats. I'm always looking at the new listings for Britax seats on Ebay and saw this one. Has anyone seen this before?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BABYGIRLLYNDSEY View Post
    I didn't know that Britax made special needs seats. I'm always looking at the new listings for Britax seats on Ebay and saw this one. Has anyone seen this before?
    That looks interesting. I know a child who had to be in casts and they put foam in the seat it elevate her so her legs would fit! This seat would do the same thing

    Also did you see this one?

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    Wow. When my DD had a spica cast (from armpits to toes) she was in a special car seat that the hospital gave us. But it looked nothing as nice as that at all. In fact I questioned it's safety altogether seeing how flimsy it was.

    I did know that Britax made special needs seats. It used to be featured on their site (old design) They make another one too I believe.

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    It's new as of this year. The showed it at Lifesavers and some of us got to play with it a bit. It's basically a Marathon with the sides at the leg area cut off.
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    Thanks for the new thread on this. I had no idea these kind of seats existed. They basically look like Modified Marathon's, and Husky/Regents
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    The first one is the new Britax version of the old Spelcast, for those in spica casts. MUCH better option, but of course more expensive and for the most part you have to buy it as opposed to hospitals lending them out. The good thing is it can be used rfing till 33# and ffing till 65#.

    The 2nd one has been around for a while AFAIK. We actually had one come into a check once (one car behind the triplets I got, I was jealous, lol). It goes to 105# I believe, but has the same strap height as the Regent, just a few added supports for people unable to support themselves.
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