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    1994 Jeep wrangler with bench as back seat

    Our family owns a 1996 Jeep wrangler. The 1996 wranglers came with a bench as a back seat. We now have a 5 year old kid that when sitting on the back seat (bench) his neck and head have no support. In other words he has no place to rest his neck/head due to the fact that the bench is low. Is this lack of support to his neack and head putting him at greater risk of neck or head injury in case of an accident?

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    Yes, absolutely. EVERYONE needs vehicle head support at least up to the tips of the ears for whiplash/neck protection.

    Your 5yo should be in some sort of child restraint, though. A carseat or highback booster would solve the problem. What is the child's height and weight?

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    Re: 1994 Jeep wrangler with bench as back seat

    Yep- a high back booster or harnessed seat would work great! We have a 97 Wrangler and have never had a problem getting car seats to work well, except a few RFing seats, but with a 5 year old you don't have to worry about that. Unless he is VERY large for his age (at least over 80 lb, and over 4'9" tall) he should be in a booster of some type even if there was head support. If he is under 40 lb or doesn't sit right in a seatbelt/booster, then he should be in a harnessed seat. For a booster look at the Graco Turbobooster, Britax Parkway (will last the longest, probably, which is good since he'll always need the head support) Recaro Boosters, Compass Booster, or really any other high-back booster except the Dorel (Cosco/Safety First/EddieBauer) seats. Dorel requires support behind their seats, which the Wrangler doesn't have. The most economical is probably the turbo booster.

    If you want something even safer or need a harnessed seat I'd look at the Regent or Radian. We have a Radian and it works great in the Jeep.

    Hope that helps.

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