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    Exclamation Why Did My Post Not Appear? How do I Search? How can I support Car-Seat.Org?

    How Can I Support Car-Seat.Org

    Your subscription can help offset the costs of hosting the forums and website. Please see:

    Why Did My Post Not Appear?

    Posts should almost always appear within a few seconds after you click the "Submit" button. At peak times, it may take a few seconds longer. If your post does not appear this quickly, the reason is probably that you have not been approved as a full-access Registered User. You may be allowed to post messages to this forum before your account has been approved, before you have confirmed your email address and in some cases without registration as a guest. In these cases, posts must be moderated. It may take a few hours or even overnight to approve these posts before they appear to the public, so please keep checking back. The forum can move fast, so your post may have already moved to the second page of posts before it appears.

    To gain full access to forum features and instant posting priviledges, you must register . Please make sure you have allowed emails from to pass your email and spam filters. Once you have registered, you will receive an email to the address you entered, asking you for a confirmation to activate it. After you follow the instructions in the email and confirm the address, your account must be approved. This may take up to a few days or more, but will usually be quicker if you have already posted one or more messages and had them moderated. Once you are a Registered User, you will have full access to many options and your posts will appear instantly.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our forums were open to instant Guest posting for over 5 years. Unfortunately, a series of coordinated spam attacks forced us to close this service. It is unfortunate that this made it more difficult for parents and caregivers to ask quick questions that may affect the safety of their children. If you do not wish to register at this time, please be patient with our moderators and try looking for your post in a few hours. Thank you!

    How Do I Search For Information in the Car-Seat.Org Archives?

    The Car-Seat.Org forums have an extensive database of posts that cover many questions. You may be able to find answers to your questions without starting a new thread on a topic that has already been covered many times.

    There is a quick search utility on the pull-down action bar near the top of the page. The default search will give you the threads that contain posts that match your requests but you can also click the "Show Posts" option that will include links directly to the posts that match your search. An advanced search option can be found on this page:

    Car-Seat.Org Forums Search

    If you prefer to use a Google search, it also has an archive of posts in our forums. There is a new Google Site Search bar near the bottom of every webpage at Car-Seat.Org. You may also find an advanced Google search of our forums here:

    Google Advanced Search of Forums

    You may also find our FAQ that answers many basic question here:

    Car-Safety.Org Frequently Asked Questions

    If your exact question is not covered, we do encourage you to post your questions to a new thread. Please include all relevant information, including the age, height and weight of the child and the model and year of your vehicle and child restraints. Registration and email verification are now required for full access to our forums. Limited posting access to this forum may be allowed for guests and users who have registered but have not confirmed their email address or been approved as a Registered User. Until this process is completed, posts on this forum will be moderated and can take up to a day to appear.

    Thank you for visiting!

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