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    Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat Review

    To see the full review, please visit:

    The Britax Chaperone is the new infant carrier model from Britax, replacing the popular Companion. The Chaperone carrier is sold separately and also in a travel system together with the all-new Chaperone stroller that will debut later this summer. In fact, you can even buy the infant carrier now and the matching stroller later, and still qualify for this great rebate offer from Britax.

    The Chaperone is listed for babies 4 to 30 pounds, 32 inches or less in height and a seated shoulder height of 6.9 to 10 inches tall. With a relatively low bottom harness slot and the included infant insert, it should fit many premature babies well. It also touts an anti-rebound bar on the base (also sold separately), a relatively rare feature for infant seats in the USA. The twist-free harness quickly adjusts to seven height positions with no re-threading required, while the head restraint section allows it to meet the Britax True Side Impact Protection criteria. A built-in lockoff and premium LATCH attachments with push-button releases are also included.

    So, is it worthy of the available Cowmooflauge cover? Well, for that, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the full review from a mom who can put it through its paces with a real, live baby. For this first look, a preemie sized doll will have to suffice, but I’ll also have some photos, video and will discuss how well it installs along with other initial impressions based on only a day or two of use.

    A few highlights:

    •Special foam padding insert for infants 4 to 11 pounds
    •Easy to read “bubble” level indicators on both sides of carrier
    •Handle can be left in any position while in vehicle
    •Anti-rebound bar is very nice
    •Generous padding and EPS foam
    If the cost isn’t an issue, I don’t think you will be disappointed at all with the Chaperone. It’s a very nice infant seat overall, especially for small babies. You get a stylish infant carrier with a few relatively unique features, like the anti-rebound bar, the newborn foam insert and compatibility with the upcoming Britax Chaperone stroller (one that won’t be everywhere like all the mass market strollers)! Plus, the box says it is compatible with other major brands of strollers, too.

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