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    I love all your negativity on Ba Ba Seatskins seat covers. If any of you out saw them and felt them you would think differently. The covers have met all safety standards for the car seat industry. They are probably the safest seat cover on the market. Britax has actually talked with Ba Ba Seatskins at the children's trade shows on many occassions on the wonderful quality and workmanship of their covers. They have also spoken with Britax disigners firsthand on designing an OEM product for the company. I know this because I know the president of Ba Ba Seatskins. Other companies that have approached Ba Ba Seatskins on their wonderful products have been Dorel Juvenile Group who they have done sampling for for a new OEM seat cover for 2007, and Graco Juvenile Products They have also designed OEM products for Mountain Buggy Jogger Company and Dreamer Design Jogger Company.

    So once again, don't knock the product until you actually see the product in person.


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    If your post is in response to a particular member or members here, I suggest you reply directly to the thread on the topic in question. This feedback forum is for suggestions and issues relating to the general operation of Car-Seat.Org and the forum software. In that Car-Seat.Org has never made any comments about the product you mention, your post in this forum is inappropriate and will deleted. You may repost it to an appropriate thread that is relevant to the topic in another forum here, if you wish.

    I remind you that comments, both positive and negative, about child passenger safety related products are welcome here. In terms of some types of aftermarket products, it may not even be necessary to see the product in person to have a strong opinion about it. Some of these products are discouraged or strictly prohibited by many child restraint manufacturers and therefore cannot be recommended by child passenger safety technicians. In that there are no government safety standards that apply directly to such aftermarket products, they must be specifically endorsed by a manufacturer for them to be recommended with a particular child restraint. Simply knowing that the two manufacturers have talked is not enough.

    Whether or not this applies to the product you mention is a good topic for debate in our Car Seats forum.



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