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    Why Can't I Register? I Get an Error Message

    One issue with the registration page is related to the URL address you use to access the forums. When registering, please make sure to use the following link If you receive an error message such as, "This reCAPTCHA key isn't authorized for the given domain.", you may be using an invalid URL format or may need to click here to send a message to the webmaster in order to have an account created manually.

    Another frequent issue with new member registrations is answering all three quizzes correctly. We apologize for requiring three correct responses, but automated registration robots used by spammers have made these steps necessary. Unfortunately, some browsers may have difficulty displaying the image based quiz.

    1) This image based quiz is called "Image Verification" and is in a box immediately below where you enter and confirm your email address. A two word phrase usually appears within this type of reCAPTCHA image used by many websites. At the lower left hand side of the image it tells you to type the two words and an arrow points to the entry box where you should click and enter the words, matching lower and upper case letters. This is labeled in a red number 1 in the example image below.

    2) The NoSpam! Verification quiz is just below the first quiz. This is labeled with a red number 2 in the example image below. The correct response in this example is a single word, FOUR. Also correct in this example would be the following single number, 4. Please note that the questions may vary slightly! Please read carefully.

    3) The verification word quiz is called "Registration Verification Quiz" and is in a box immediately above where you would click to Complete Registration. The correct answer to this quiz are the following four numbers, 2001. This is labeled with a red number 3 in the example image below.

    The most common error messages for incorrect quiz answers are the following:

    1) The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed.
    2) You answered the NoSpam! question incorrectly. Please reevaluate your answer or, if you found yourself unable to answer it, you can refresh for another question if the administrator has enabled multiple questions. If you find yourself repeatedly unable to answer the NoSpam! questions, please contact the forum administration.
    3) You did not enter the correct format for the Registration Verification Quiz field. Please read the field description for the expected format.
    Below is an example of what you should see on the final registration page. If the image does not appear in your browser, you may need to click the link instead. One you have registered, you will receieve an email at the address you entered. You must follow the instructions to confirm your email address. Please make sure your browser, security software and internet service provider are not rejecting email from Once you have confirmed your email address, it may take a few days for your account to be approved. You may post in some forums before then, though your post will be placed into a moderation queue and can take a few hours or overnight to appear. Please also see the main announcement.

    Click Here If You Cannot SEE The Example IMAGE or Type into Your Browser

    Additonal checks for all registrations include comparing your IP address and email address to that of known spam originators. Unfortunately, it is possible that your internet service provider may have assigned you an internet IP address that was previously used by a spammer. Another possibility is that your email address is very similar to one known to be used by automated spam registration scripts. These errors are more likely if you are using an anonymous or "proxy" internet or email service, especially one located in Asia, as these are frequently used by spammers. There are other similar checks. A problem of this type will result in an error message like the one below:

    vBulletin Message
    I am sorry, but your registration was rejected based on similarity to known spam originators. Please contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page if you believe this is in error, and accept our apology for the inconvenience made necessary by the proliferation of spam.
    If you receive this message, or if you have any other issues with the spam prevention quiz questions or registering a new account, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page or click here to send a message to the webmaster. You may also send an email to webmaster "at" car-seat "dot" org. Again, we apologize for the hassle that has resulted from being forced to implement these measures. Most visitors are able to register without an issue, but a few legitimate registrations are unfortunately rejected from time to time. Without these systems, our forum would be overrun by advertising links for medicines, electronics, adult content and other inappropriate material.
    Welcome to Car-Seat.Org! Click to Post a Question. Please respect our signature guidelines. Thank you.
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