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    Mia Moda Viva Supreme

    The Viva Supreme is the latest infant seat from Mia Moda. It is rated for infants who weigh between 4 and 22 pounds and are less than 29 inches. It replaced the now discontinued Viva (model 5070). Changes to the Viva Supreme (model 5080) include an additional lower set of harness slots, a full body insert, a larger sun canopy, a smaller chest clip and a different buckle.

    The Viva Supreme is relatively tall, narrow, and light for an infant carrier with a base. The back of the shell measures 19.5″ and has four harness slots at 6.75″, 8.5″, 10.25″ and 12″. The crotch buckle is 4″ from the back of the shell. The overall width is just under 17″ and the seatpan depth is 11″. The carrier weighs 7.2 lbs.


    At an MSRP of $109.99, the Mia Moda Viva Supreme is a respectable mid-budget infant seat. It is a solid contender at that price point with a front harness adjuster, EPS lining and a tall shell. It’s not too wide, has a nice insert, the handle can be left up in the vehicle, and it has a wide range of harness heights. The lack of a lock-off and the 22 lb limit are somewhat disappointing, but not deal breakers. The bunching, potentially twisting harness could be a nuisance, but the same issue exists with other (more expensive) infant seats. While a few small tweaks in either the hardware or the webbing could make a significant improvement, the issue is certainly manageable as is. Thankfully, the Viva Supreme has a standard metal buckle and not a plastic compound buckle like its predecessor and other infant seats in the same price range.

    A full review can be read at

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