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    Got a My Ride! (and a MA) Very Long!

    So excited! Both my girls got new seats yesterday. The MA (DOM 5/19/09) was a replacement that I had been waiting for. I am loving it! I thought the DC installed easy, this baby is a breeze! Wasn't sure what I thought of the LATCh bars when I saw them in store, but I am so in love with the indepent LATCH on each side! The harness adjuster is what I had been hoping for as well.

    Now, on to the My Ride. (DOM 5/5/09) We went out of town and where we went has the smallest BRU I have ever seen. When we got there I didn't think we would have a chance of them having it. We had not been able to find it in Reno, so why would it be in a So Cal city of 100,000? It was. I can't even describe my excitement when I saw it. Feeling silly thinking about it! I am sure this is the right place to express it though!

    My plan had been to get the Alma, since it is for my 3 1/2 year old that has been FFing since Nov. because she reached the 33lb limit on her DC, so I felt I needed to get the one she likes best. Well, decided yesterday that it is taking too long and we would try her in the one at BRU if they had one and then order from Walmart if she fit and get her a girly cover later. She said that sounded good to her and my husband was on board too.

    So, we ask to try out the seat. From reading here I thought it would be easy. Nope, had to ask 4 people. The 4th finally said they don't usually let people do that but since I lived 100 miles away they would let me and that an employee would need to stand out there and watch me the whole time and that I had to pull up right in front of the store. So, we got it out there and installed and she got in. Jimmy rigged the infant padding so she could get her bottom down in it and we decided we should have at least 6 mo for her in it and that would make it worth it.

    I had first asked if they had any coupons available. The girl said no. Then when I expressed interest in a car seat she said she had 1 but it didn't start until tomorrow (today now). Told her that would not work because we live so far away and would only be there for the day. So, after we determined the seat worked I talked to DH and told him if I could get a 15% off coupon it would be less than ordering it from WM and could we get it right then. He was actually the one that brought up re rearfacing her when he overheard just a bit of the Joel's Journey video when I was getting ready to send the link to a friend. We both liked the idea of being able to have her rearface on the way home, on a very bad highway.

    I saw the helpful lady that let me try it and she asked if it worked. Told her it did and asked if she had a coupon I could use to buy it. I was fully prepared to tell her that I would buy it only with a coupon or I would just order it from Walmart when I got home. Didn't have to go there. She heard the words buy it and said lets go look at my desk in the back and promptly produced a 15% off coupon for any 1 baby item.

    Of course we installed it right there in the parking lot! (hey her Frontier was already out so we could try the MR, so we had to install something!) She is loving it. I am loving that she is rear facing. The seat cover is trying to pop off, which I had read about here, so new to expect that. I only have 1 other complaint, and that is the manual. Beside the rear facing leg comment I had seen on here, I found something else that I don't think is good.

    Page 9 it says...
    Vehicle seat protection
    Protect vehicle seat. Use a child restraint mat, towel, or thin blanket under and behind child restraint.

    Now I know thin towels and blankets can be used if they don't affect the install, but why are they saying to use mats?????

    So then I grabbed my SS1 manual to see if it says that. And yes, on 43 it says something very similar.


    Sorry this has gotten so long!

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