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    MB still seeking booster seat legislation

    I got this from the Manitoba Car Seat Coalition today and thought that others may find it interesting.

    The 2nd reading of Bill 200 was presented in legislature today by Dr. Jon Gerrard of the Manitoba Liberal Party. To make a long story short.... the NDP's blew off the bill. There will be no changes made to the 1983 writing of the Highway Traffic Act to include the enforcement of booster seat use in Manitoba.

    Sitting in the gallery during today's reading left me totally appalled by the lack of correct information the NDP party had, to so readily put down this issue.

    The Manitoba Car Seat Coalition is not ready to let this go. As Kevin Lamoureux (Lib) so plainly put it today.... we're not asking to be the leader, or the 1st province, to seek legislation, we're just asking to the be 8th. Yes... MB, Sask, and Alberta are the only provinces not actively working toward legislation. Even the Yukon, and the Nunavut are in final committee discussion. And although Dr. Gerrard presented not only monetary facts (amounts to be saved by the hospital system, and how 'cheap' booster seats are), the NDP still found the bill unreasonable for Manitoba to incorporate.

    The MCSC will be asking the NDP Caucus to allow us a delegation to bring forward our concerns at a forum before them, and we will be asking for support for that event, as the time draws closer. With work that will have to be done, and prepared, we will likely ask for a sitting with them in the early fall and we hope we can count on you.

    In the interim, please get word out that this didn't pass, and with is all the more important for each of you to reinforce the fact that even though the NDP doesn't recognize the importance of booster seat use....we still do.

    Please, continue to promote booster seat use, and its education. Let's do what we can to keep kids out of the hospitals and definitely out of the graveyards.

    Keep fighting!!!!!!

    Chair - Manitoba Car Seat Coalition

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    Re: MB still seeking booster seat legislation

    That's really bad.

    I wonder if the NDP party think that making booster seats mandatory would create undo hardship on families? That's really the only thing I can think of... trying to think like an NDP person here... (it's not easy )

    I'd like to hear more about this from Jack Layton specifically (if he even knows the details of what happened in your province). He tends to be so focused on families, and this move on behalf of his party doesn't seem to fit. I'd like to know more about where all the "lack of correct information" came from.

    This all peeks my interest quite a bit, because I'm in AB where booster leg has been on and off the table for years. My understanding is we're still no closer to seeing any changes.
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    Re: MB still seeking booster seat legislation

    So there is still hope that we won't be the last province for legislation . Not to get too political here, but said party has a majority of the "lower income" ridings (provincial level) in my province, and this legislation will require parents of this demographic to spend money that they previously could use for food, rent, etc.

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