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    Car seats on Amtrak??

    We are taking an Amtrak train this summer and I can't find any information on whether they have seat belts. I'll be bringing a seat for when we get where we're going, but any info on bringing a seat on the train (or not!) would be useful.


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    Re: Car seats on Amtrak??

    There are no seatbelts on Amtrak. So the carseat will go in the overhead compartment.

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    Re: Car seats on Amtrak??

    Or, in the bottom-level luggage racks.
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    Re: Car seats on Amtrak??

    -- no seatbelts.

    However, if you're concerned about safety, just have your kids (and yourself) sit rear facing. I've only ridden Amtrack a few times, but lots of experience with other trains. It's much more comfortable on stops & sudden slow downs to be pressed INTO the cushions. As a kid, I loved dozing and feeling the pressure of 'g-force' while Adults were jerked all over the place because sitting backwards wasn't desirable. Plus, I could always get a window seat.
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    Re: Car seats on Amtrak??

    We took Amtrak in April and we got a seat w/a table. It was much nicer b/c we were able to color, play games, etc.. Plus they are closer to the bathrooms. And we were lucky enough to be in the car right next to the dining car.. lots of traffic, but also a whole lot easier.
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    Re: Car seats on Amtrak??

    I had to take Amtrak in March. DS was about 2.5 and I had the Scenera with us. The conductor stored the seat in the doorway for me since the train was packed.

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