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Thread: Century

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    Assura infant car seat. Is this a canadian seat? someone on a local used website is selling one for $40 (I am NOT interested just interested in knowing if this is even a "legal" seat here) and according to the picture (the car seat box is in the picture) it looks like a 3 point harnass. Which to me, indicates it's older.
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    Re: Century

    I'm pretty sure it was sold here at one time. I do know that all Century seats (made by Graco) are now expired.

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    CPS Technician amyd's Avatar
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    Re: Century

    Yeah, they were Canadian seats, but would be expired now for sure.
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    Re: Century

    I picked up a Century something or the other on the side of the road the other day, (so I could have fun trashing it), and surprisingly it doesn't expire until Dec/09. I thought they were all expired too (and maybe the Assuras are), but apparently not quite yet.

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    Re: Century

    I think about this year all Century seats should expire. IIRC, the last batch made would be around 2003.
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    Re: Century

    I'm pretty sure it was 2002 at the latest, and they probably all had December expiries. The only reason I remember this is because I was amused by a *Century* NextStep on the shelves at TJs when Aiden was a baby (so 2003-2004 sometime)..ugh! Loved that seat for my older kids, but a supposed "baby boutique" selling a two year old seat was pathetic!


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