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    Question CPS Technician...question for you

    As a expert in car seat/car safety what 3 high back booster's (using seatbelt) are at the top of your list and what makes them better?


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    Britax Parkway
    Jane Indy Plus Booster
    Graco Turbo

    I like the parkway because it doesn't have arm rest so its easy for kids to buckle. Its very comfortable and soft and the head wings and side wings offer side impact protection.

    The Jane uses latch to secure it to the car, it is expensive but that feature is neat, it is also adjustable in the side wings.

    The Graco is just a good basic not exepnsive seat. It can be used as a backless so its nice if you need to move it to another car you only have to take the bottom part if the child is over 40lbs.

    I own the parkway and the turbo for my kids. I really like both of them but the parkway is my favorite. It is easier for them to buckle in and more comfortable for sleeping than the turbo. I do not own the Jane but I really like the latch feature.


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    I haven't gotten to see the Jane Indy IRL, but it sounds nice The Recaro Young Start must be pretty cool, too, with it's width adjustability & optional foot rest.... Otherwise:
    • Recaro Young Sport or Style ~ super comfy & it's the only manufacturer that adds EPS foam to the hips/torso as well as the head (but expensive)
    • Britax Parkway ~ very comfy, adjusts very high, easy to use & fit in tight arrangments, fits both small & big kids well, relatively moderate price & is lightweight, plus it has cover options for kids to choose from
    • Graco Turbo (highback) ~ almost as comfy as the Parkway, adjusts almost as high, has similar deep head wings with EPS foam, lots of cover choices to choose from, totally decent price, lightweight & can be backless for travel
    Are you just curious or are you actually shopping for a seat If you are, then please you tell us the child(ren)'s age, weight, height & your vehicle year, make, model.
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    I would say my two favorites are definately the Parkway and the Turbo Booster. The PW is taller and is better in tight spots than the TB, but both are great seats, and my kids have used both.
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