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    Carseat Crazy
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    40 lb RFing Radian?

    I'm sure this has been adressed recently, but we've been on vacation for the last two weeks, so I am waaaay out of the loop. Right before we left I heard rumor of SK possibly testing the Radian this summer/fall. Any more info on this? DD is 31 pounds and 38 inches in her BLVD and I'm going to need a new seat SOON. TIA!

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    Carseat Crankypants carseatcoach's Avatar
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    That rumor has been circulating for at least a year now. It may happen now that Graco has a 40# RF seat, but it very well may not. It would be best, IMO, to assume that the Radians will stay at 35# for the immediate future and shop accordingly.
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    I agree wholeheartedy with Chickabiddy. Russ at Sunshine Kids has been promising for at least TWO years the Radian will be tested to a RF limit of 40 lbs, and it hasn't happened yet. I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    CPS Technician scoutingbear's Avatar
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    And here I sit with a 33 lb Radian and an almost 3 year old that wants to ride "backwards" since the seat is installed RF in my car for the little guy we have been babysitting off and on. And at least once a day C throws a tantrum that he can't "ride backwards"
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    CPS Technician Pixels's Avatar
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    From Russ today:
    Regarding increased RF limits - as a matter of course we do not discuss what upcoming testing we may or may not be doing. But let's just say that if we were planning to do some testing, it would be on our list of things to do...and if we were planning to do that I may be compiling a list of people who have asked and would be interested in knowing the results.
    Melissa, CPST and Mom to three

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    CPS Technician christineka's Avatar
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    So, maybe we should all ask Russ if our names are on the list to be contacted to know the results should there be any?
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    Admin - CPS Technician joolsplus3's Avatar
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    Re: 40 lb RFing Radian?

    Nah, leave him alone. Only one person has to be on the list, and they'd share it with us as soon as they hear anything.
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