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    Car Seats on Planes - good info in newsletter

    Isis Maternity is a Boston-area maternity/newborn center that has classes, playgroups, workshops etc for new & expecting moms. I went there for some classes & get their weekly newsletter. This week's was about air travel with babies. Check out the info they gave:

    Air travel with your older baby

    Very young babies are often terrific airline passengers, inclined to sleep most of the way. Older babies, however, can make even a short plane ride seem endless. If you plan to travel with your baby or toddler, a few preparations can make all the difference.

    Safety first

    Children under 2 are not required by law to have their own seat on airline flights. While saving the cost of another airline ticket makes keeping your baby on your lap appealing, even for long flights, it is much safer to buy your baby his own seat, and bring along his car seat to restrain him while he’s in it. Turbulence during flights can be quite powerful and sudden; proper restraint will keep your baby safe if and when it occurs. Therefore, the FAA strongly recommends the use of child safety seats for all babies and toddlers weighing less than 40 pounds. Book adjacent seats for you and your baby, and tell the airline that you are traveling with an infant so they will not place you in an emergency exit row. If you choose not to purchase a ticket for your baby, try to travel on a flight unlikely to be full, so that you can hope to find an empty seat next to your own. Bring along your car seat and, if the flight turns out to be full, simply check it with your luggage. Often night flights are a wise choice when traveling with a baby, as you both may sleep for much of the way. Nursing or giving your baby a few sips from a botle or cup while the plane is taking off or landing will help equalize the pressure in his ears and keep him more comfortable. If he is sleeping, don't wake him in order to drink.
    While it's not perfect, it at least gives the suggestion to parents to bring their seat on the flight, when they would have otherwise perhaps not even thought about it. Good stuff!
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    Re: Car Seats on Planes - good info in newsletter

    That's pretty good. It's a little contradictory to tell people to BF the baby on takeoff/landing after telling them the seat is safer, but hey, at least they really focused on bringing the seat.
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