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    Anyone have a Chrysler Pacifica? (or put a CR in one?)

    I see their crash test ratings are 5* (and almost all Goods on the institutes site).
    I want to hear some personal experiences.
    What's carseat install like in the third row?
    Does anyone know if they have electronic stability control? (still haven't figured that one out)

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    CPSDarren - Admin SafeDad's Avatar
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    The Pacifica is a very safe vehicle and has good crash test across the board in both IIHS and NHTSA results. Side curtain airbags are also a plus. It does not have stability control for 2006, maybe for 2007. That's a drawback, but not as much on a lower riding wagon that it would be for a higher riding SUV or truck.

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    No first hand experience with the Pacifica, but I've read reviews that said access to the third row is awkward, and there's not much room back there.

    Stability control and side curtain airbags for all rows are standard for 2007 according to Side curtain airbags were optional in 2006 models, and maybe earlier ones, too, but I can't find a definite answer doing a quick search to be sure on the airbags before 2006.

    If you like the Pacifica and don't need 6-passenger seating and/or want to avoid climbing in and out of the third row, Chrysler also sells a 5-passenger base model with seating for three in the second row.

    Happy shopping.

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    I test drove a Pacifica and Jeanum is totally correct in that it's difficult to get into the third row. You really have to climb over the seats and if you have carseats installed in both second rows seats, you would literally have to climb over the center console between the 2nd row seats to get into the third row, or climb in through the hatch! lol Also, the seats in the third row don't have headrests, which could be a problem once children outgrow highback boosters.

    The two seats in the middle row and the driver-side seat in the third row have LATCH (lower anchors and top tether). The passenger-side third row does NOT have the LATCH lower anchors OR a top tether.

    Personally, for the money (the one I looked at was $32-33K), it seemed pretty cheap inside. I hated how there were these "panels" stuck to the back of the seats in the second and third rows. I realize the panels are there to protect the seats if you fold them down to haul something large, but it just looked cheap to me. Also, I wanted an AWD model, and the only models I saw at dealerships that had AWD also had the built-in navigation system, which I don't need (I have a standalone Garmin GPS). I never saw a base model at the dealership that had only one row of three seats, so that style might be hard to find.


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    Just installed a CR in a Pacifica last week

    At my fitting station, I installed a Cosco/Dorel Alpha-Omega RF in the passenger outboard, 2nd row in a Pacifica. We could not get a good fit with the base on the seat and it was very upright. We tried using some noodles with the base, but that didn't improve the fit, so we ended removing the base and using noodles to get a good fit, but the seat was still pretty upright. The child was about 8 months old, so that was okay, I just wanted to see this little guy have some recline. We had previously installed an infant with base in the same location, with good results. We did not get a good install with the lap/shld belt, but used the LATCh strap.

    On a side note, I rented a Pacifica last week in Houston for the quilt show and had four women with their luggage in the car. We had to fold down the third row to get all of our stuff in the back, so not a lot of cargo room. I'm not sure that a stroller would fit in there. I did love the dual temperature controls, though!

    Amarillo, TX



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