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    Re: Graco My Ride 65

    im confused by that picture, b/c my 3.5 year old is now riding in that seat and doesnt need the top slots for the straps. im going to try to measure him but he is never very happy when i do that.
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    Re: Graco My Ride 65

    Remember that when a child is rear-facing, the straps need to be in the slots at or below the child's shoulders. This is to keep the child from ramping up the car seat in a crash.

    In this particular seat, if a rear-facing child needs the top slots (her shoulders are above the top slots), her head would be well above the top of the car seat.

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    Re: Graco My Ride 65

    I recently put a very big almost 3 year old in the seat. She was right at the 2nd to top slots and had 2 inches above her head. So by the time th top slots would be needed RF, there would be less than 1 inch above the head (actually, the child's head would be over the top of the seat).
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    Re: Graco My Ride 65

    This seat has so many great features. After reading the reviews, I was certain I would absolutely love it and for a fantastic price. However, I was not impressed after reading over the manual and working with the seat. I try to look at everything for its safety, ease of use, and clarity of the instructions. I found the harness height adjustment to be confusing and complicated. I thought that it would be very easy for someone to improperly connect the harness straps to the splitter plate. Many parents, unfortunately do not read their manuals with each change and with this seat one would have to refer back to the manual for which harness strap slots to connect the harness to the splitter plate and to connect them properly. I did not feel it was straight forward. Because of my profession and being a parent, I thought this seat would be easily confusing have a large margin for error. With so many fantastic features, why couldn't Graco make a seat with the harness height adjuster like Evenflo or Britax? The Roundabout is fairly simple. But even better are the Triumph and Britax versions where you simply adjust the height without disconnecting anything. I returned the Myride for the Boulevard. I almost got the Triumph again as I've had one before and loved it, but got a good deal on the Boulevard. Other than the harness height adjustment and connection, I really liked this seat.

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