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    Seat Belt VS LATCH

    I know common thinking in among most parents are that the LATCH is more safe than a seat belt to hold a car seat. (both installed correctly) IThey say it's because the LATCH is anchored to the car frame and the seat belt is only to the floor. So is it true that LATCH is safer than the seat belt? I know most LATCH systems have a weight limit (40 lbs or so). Is there a link that I can show some people about this? Most people that I know doesn't know the LATCH as a limit. Any links to back up what I'm saying would be great. If I'm wrong please correct me because I don't want to give false info.

    Another question about LATCH, if there is a limit does that include the weight of the child and the carseat? You have the HEAVY car seats and with a child weighing 35 lbs it can put it over the 40 lbs (just using that as a number). Am I thinking correctly?

    Thank so much!!

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    There is no truth or data I am aware of that LATCH is safer then the vehicle seatbelt. LATCH was designed to be more convient & also in hopes to have less misuse. Which is not always the case as the #1 misuse with LATCH is parents using LATCH in the center position when their vehicle doesn't allow it.

    Vehicle seatbelts have been around a lot longer then LATCH and hold a lot higher crash force weight. But, Many parents don't know how to lock their seatbelts or how to use a locking clip properly.

    So, In reality misuse is still very high for both because most parents don't take the time to read their vehicle & car seat owners manual.

    The vehicle LATCH limits are the child's weight only. So if your vehicle it is 40lbs then once the child hits 40lbs you must stop using LATCH. If it's 48lbs then you stop using it when your child is 48lbs.
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