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Thread: Combi Coccoro

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    Combi Coccoro

    The Coccoro \’kō-kə-rō\ is a new child restraint from Combi. It is a convertible seat that can be used rear or forward facing for children 5-40 lbs who are less than 40 inches tall. Rear facing, the seat is rated from 5-33 lbs with a stated height limit of 36 inches. Forward facing, it can be used for children over 1 year old who weigh between 20 and 40 lbs.

    The Coccoro is compact at just over 15 inches wide and weighing only 11 lbs. The back of the shell measures ~21 inches tall with harness slots at 9, 11, 13 and 15 inches. The lack of a base makes it is a good candidate to fit in even the smallest of vehicles.

    The Coccoro seems like it will be fantastic for three across and is very portable. However, unless you are planning to use two convertibles for one child in order to achieve extended rear facing, the Coccoro is probably not a practical option. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase. It is now the primary seat for my infant daughter and I can’t wait to take it on trips with us. It’s definitely a niche seat, but it fills that niche very well.
    read a full review at
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    Re: Combi Coccoro

    How big is your dd in the pic? I am wondering whether it would be a good interim seat for me (plus I really, really, want to try it!) for my ds who is just about out of his keyfit. I figure I should get to at least the next britax sale and will have good reviews of the myride out by the time he would outgrow it rf. I can get one for about 152 right now.
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    Re: Combi Coccoro

    My daughter is a hefty 15 lbs and 24″ at three months. The Coccoro fits her well, both with and without the insert. She has about 6 inches of growing room before it is outgrown rear facing by height.
    I'm glad I included her stats in that post because I was totally blanking.

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    Re: Combi Coccoro

    How does this seat compare, height wise, to the Scenera and the Uptown? I know its a lot more expensive... but...

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    Re: Combi Coccoro

    I posted some photos of a newborn in the Coccoro here:

    For reference, this seat--reclined to 45 degrees--takes up FAR less space than the SS1. There are some photos of that (and more) here:

    Crunchy wrote a fantastic review, so I really don't have much to add. The only thing I will comment on is this:

    I’ve heard that the upper blue belt guides also function as lock-offs. However, the manual does not indicate this in any way and my observation is that the belt slides freely within them.
    I had talked with the Combi rep and specifically asked if the blue "belt guides" count as lockoffs. She said yes. I was skeptical, but I tried it, and I was amazed by the the result: Using the "belt guide" and not locking the belt (or using the detachable lock-off) gave me a rock-solid install.

    It's true that the seatbelt can easily slide through the guide if you hold the belt on either side and try to slide it through. However, once it's actually installed, the belt doesn't budge, even if I press down on the back of the seat.

    It's true that the manual doesn't specifically say that you can do that, but it is a bit of a gray area. It does say to test for movement...and I didn't have any.

    I figure the purpose of locking a belt is to keep the seat in position pre-crash, and the belt guide certainly seems to do that. I have no qualms using it this way for my child, but I do hope the issue is clarified in future versions of the manual.

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