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    Help choosing booster seat

    Hello- I have a 4 year old who is 41 pounds and 41 inches. We have her in the Graco Nautilus in both mine and my husbands cars. We also have a baby in a marathon. We have 3 trips this summer and I am trying to decide what seats to travel with. Here are the issues-

    -Since we will be lugging the convertible seat with us for use on the plane and in rental cars, I really don't want to have to carry another big seat like the nautilus.

    -I don't trust renting a seat from a car rental agency since there are no guarantees as to its safety.

    -On the one hand, I am extremely safety conscious. My first rode rear fast way past 2 years old and is now in a 5 point harness which I plan to keep her harnessed in as the seat allows.

    - I want an extra seat which I can put in others' cars for playdates, etc.

    I am thinking a high back booster would work but have no idea which one to get. When traveling, do I check the booster since it cannot be used in the plane (same issue with the nautilus)? I have heard there can be pretty rough handling with checked baggage.

    So my main question is what is the absolute safest light weight booster? how do I travel with it? check it?

    Thanks for any advice. I have been researching seats for weeks and my head is spinning.


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    Re: Help choosing booster seat

    Take a look at the Ride Safer Travel Vest - it performs like a harness because of the way it spreads crash forces, and it's so compact you can put it in a backpack or suitcase - perfect for travel and playdates (as long as you show the other parents how to properly use it).

    If she is mature enough to use a high back booster, I'd look into the Recaro Vivo.
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    Re: Help choosing booster seat

    What about the Safeguard Go?
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    Re: Help choosing booster seat

    I have had both teh safeguard go and the SRTV and thougth both were easy. When we USED travel I did use the vest, it is easy even more wo if warrmer months and winter coats are not off and on.

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    Re: Help choosing booster seat

    You could try a Turbo Booster. It fits smaller kids well and it comes apart for traveling. We put the back part in our suitcase and just packed our clothes around it and then carried the LBB part onto the plane and put it in the overhead compartment.

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    Re: Help choosing booster seat

    what about the compass folding boosters? They are made for travel. Is it any good?

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