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    Radian XT and True Fit?

    Hey there,
    I currently have radian 65 in the middle of my 87 Volvo 240 wagon and a britax marathon on the outboard passenger. They puzzle very well together, i can even fit another marathon on the drivers side! They are both RF

    I'm wondering I should trade both in for an XT and a true fit...I have lot of different kids in my car on different days and they like to play musical car seats. Its getting to be too much to change the harness every other day. I'd like to get something that would have the infinite harness. I have a Signo, but I'm waiting until DD1 turns around (it's a pain in my car RF)

    So...should I give the 65 and marathon to friends and get the XT and true fit? or...keep both and deal with rethreading?

    How well does the TF puzzle with a radian? If those two don't puzzle, I wouldn't mind a BLVD or something

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    Re: Radian XT and True Fit?

    Do you need seats for the twins for whom you nanny? It sounds like they need big seats.

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    Re: Radian XT and True Fit?

    No this is just for my Lucia and Bella. We car pool with preschool/day care every week.

    The seats for the twins are going in their mommy's car. She just needed recommendations

    Lucia: 3 yrs/ 32lbs
    Bella: 15 mo/20lbs

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