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    Airport and carseats

    Tomorrow, my girls are leaving for Florida. (we live in Seattle). I have 2 britax marathons that will be going with.

    What's the easiest way to travel with 2 kids, 2 car seats, 2 aduls, 2 suitcases and 3 carry ons?
    I've heard about the gogo kids traveller, but it's 80 bucks! We are looking for something under 40. (we have to get 2).

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    Re: Airport and carseats

    You can use the latch straps and/or tether strap to attach them to the carry-ons. We did this with DD's Scenera and it worked just fine. If you are taking a stroller, you can stack the seats in the stroller. Hope this helps.

    Katie, momma to Kayleigh 5/9/2006 and Samantha 5/8/2012

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    Re: Airport and carseats

    Or if you have a foldable luggage cart, you can do like we did. Picture has 2 RAs but we have done it with 2 MAs. We normally checked the suitcases and the stroller bag when the kids were old enough and wanted to walk. Or if they were young and needed the stroller, then we would use the double stroller for them, gate-check the stroller and pull 2 carseats on one luggage cart

    Or if the kids were little, we each would carry/wear them in a backpack, sling, etc. and each would pull a single MA on a Samsonite MicroMover foldable luggage cart
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    Re: Airport and carseats

    Quote Originally Posted by disbugsmomma View Post
    You can use the latch straps and/or tether strap to attach them to the carry-ons.
    I don't think it is a good idea to carry car seats by the any part of the LATCH system (lower anchors or tethers) or the harness... I know you didn't say the harness but I think it is important to mention as I just saw someone walking through the airport carrying a MA like a backpack by the harness.

    Sunshine kids makes a great bag for car seats that fits the MA very well... not sure if you have time to pick it up but it is only around $20.

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    Re: Airport and carseats

    Thanks everyone! We ended up just using the spare titan's which can be clipped to our backpack.

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