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    Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    I did a search and this is the most recent post that mentions the Recaro seats.
    They are still low priced ($146 - $164). I saw that there was a recall some time ago on them, but am wondering if you guys think this is a good seat or not?
    I looked at the ratings on the National Hwy Traffic safety committee site, and know that they may be difficult to install. If purchased, I am planning on putting it in, and not taking it out much.

    Can anyone give me some input on the two Recaro seats? I drive a Dodge Caliber and am trying to keep my almost three year old RearFacing for a bit longer. He is almost at the limits of the seat he is in now (Cosco Scenera).

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Apr 2009

    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    If your child is nearing the RF limit of the Scenera by weight, the Signo or Como won't help because they also have a 35lb upper limit. If height is the issue, those seats may help...some one who has delt with both could tell you more. As far as ease of install, the Signo we have is super easy. It took about 20 mins the first time I installed it (Reading manual front to back, then reading install instructions as I installed). Since I've done it several times, I can do it in under 5 mins now. I've had the seat in a Focus, Corolla, Mustang, & Escape so far with no problems at all. A big help is the alligator style LATCH clips that independently adjust so you can snap them on and pull on each side to pull it down tight.

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    Car-Seat.Org Ambassador bree's Avatar
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    The Recaro Signo (and Como) are good seats, but I don't think I'd pick them in your situation (trying to keep your almost 3 year old RF longer-awesome!). They don't offer a lot of leg room rear-facing and sit high up on a base.

    For around the price range you mentioned in your post for the Recaro, I would recommend the TrueFit or the Triumph Advance (both go to 35 pounds RF like the Scenera, but I assume he's outgrowing the Scenera be height, right?) . The TrueFit is known for offering a lot of RF leg room ($180, though if you check around online sometimes it can be found for cheaper, it was $144 at for a while). It also has the tallest shell on the market for convertibles. The Evenflo Triumph Advance ($130, you can find it online for between $107-$120 sometimes, though) also should be a good seat for your son.
    DD (9 years old) & DS (6.5 years old)

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    CPS Technician firemomof3's Avatar
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    I also agree with the true fit. I had the Recaro Signo and LOVED it but the leg room rf for an older child is tight!
    Unless your child has shorter legs then the signo might be OK.

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    Carseat Crazy skylinphoto's Avatar
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    True fit sounds perfect for you.
    If you can deal with the lack of legroom in the Signo and you really like it...go for it. I have one and love love love it. My 3 year old is crammed in it but he prefers being crammed in rfing ..rather than ffing (we tried). So, it doesn't bother him at all.
    -Jessica. mom to :
    Aislin (4-30-2006)..44lbs and 46.5 in tall. Boostered in a Cybex Solutions x-fix
    Skyla (3-13-2008)..32lbs and 43 in tall. Boostered in a Clek Oobr

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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    have the Recaro Signo and love it, i had some install issues (saw a tech) with the belt path because I didn't have the latch system in the middle, so I had to use the belt. Im not sure if you have latch in the middle of your dodge or not. I had to call Recaro and have them send me a clip for install, the seat does not come with the clip. The belt patch clip does not hold and are not meant to (per Recaro), they are just a guide. It will hold during the first install but as you move the seat back and forth the belt will loosen. I have the contact info for Recaro if you decide to get the Signo. But if you have latch it installs wonderfully and secure! I will too use this seat for as long as possible RF.
    DD 9mo, 20#, 28", RF center, LATCH, In a Signo

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    Carseat Crazy babygirlsmom1005's Avatar
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    I have a Como for my DD and have had it both RF and now FF (she's been in it since late 2007, I found it very easy to install both RF and FF center in my 92 surburban with the lapbelt (compaired to the Alpha Omega Elite she did have before I finally got fed up with it and trashed it).

    Madeline - 10/2005
    Marshall - 4/2009
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    First, thanks to all that posted!
    I've found it very hard lately to do all the research I feel is necessary before purchasing a seat, and your posts have helped me greatly!

    My son is outgrowing the RF limits on the Scenera by both the weight and height.
    His weight has been 32-35lbs the past month. His height is right at the limit. I was under the impression that as he grows his weight will stay pretty much the same, and he will just get longer. So I was looking to buy a seat that was rated well for both RF and FF.
    IOW I want to use this seat for a long time, as long as possible.

    I do have Latch in the Dodge.
    I have quite a few inches between the back of his seat and the back of mine.
    I don't really now how my son would feel, crammed or not, he doesn't seem to complain about any discomfort in his seat at all. The longest we have ridden has been 4.5 hours.
    I too am a manual reader, and so haven't been very concerned about certain seats being rated low on the "Evaluation of labels" since I will be reading the manual to figure it out.
    What I was also wondering is this (may sound silly) When they rate for "Securing the child" does that mean the EASE of securing the child or the ABILITY of securing in the event of a crash?


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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Re: Recaro questions/was Re: Recaro Signo: Initial Review & Measurements

    It means the ease of securing the child. There are no ratings for safety, only ease of use.

    You might want to look at forward-facing only and combination (forward-facing/convertible) seats at this point. There are no seats that rear-face past 35 lbs. currently on the U.S. market, so when he reaches 35, it's time to turn him. It might be a better use of your money to get a seat that does not rear-face, unless you have other children/plan on having other children soon that you can pass the seat down to. The forward-facing only seats tend to have higher top slots and will fit him a lot longer by height (and often weight as well) and some combination seats can make good boosters as well (look at the Britax Frontier and the Graco Nautilus in this category) and have longer useful lives.
    CPST and Mom to Emma, 15, Bridget, 13, Maggie, 11, Katie Sue, 6, Jimmy, born May 2019,
    and Becky, waiting for us as part of our eternal family.
    Our '02 Odyssey, car seats, and seatbelts saved our lives. Now riding in a '13 Odyssey!

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