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    Need Ideas-2 yr old "escaping"


    As some of you may know, I help out a family from my church where all 3 kids are in foster care. When I arrived at the foster home with the kids last night after a visit with their mom, the 2 yr. old had pushed the chest clip of the Cosco Regal Ride/Touriva down and was attempting to get her arms out of the straps (almost made it). I looked at her at thought "yikes!". This is the first time she has done this in my car and her foster mom said she has done it once in her car last week (Cosco Ventura booster).

    I do understand that is a 2yr. old curiousity/behaviour, but I don't want it to happen again. She sits behind me and the baby is on the other side, oldest in the middle (she wasn't with us last night, or would likely have told me what her little sister was doing!).

    If I understand it correctly, only the top slots should be used when FF with the Regal Ride-IS THIS TRUE? This child's shoulders are more at the middle slots so there is extra room for her to wiggle out of to begin with (harness is done as tight as possible).

    Does anyone have any ideas for me and the foster mom?

    Thank You!

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    1) Make sure the harness is snug.
    [INDENT]What is the child's height/weight - could she still be rear facing so the harness is closer to her shoulders?
    [INDENT]Sorry, I can't speak to the top slot only on your particular seat. I'd call the mfg., check the manual again to confirm. Ditto for FM's seat - if it's a combination seat (you said "booster") then ALL the slots are okay for FF.
    2) Consider switching her with the littlest, so you can keep a bit better eye on her.
    3) Lots of education - "we want to keep you safe." Someone here tells of taking the seat inside and playing "crash" so the child can see WHY we buckle up [Buckle her up and dump her over or shake the CR and then repeat without being buckled].
    4) Then, as my "friend" Dr. John Redman (sp?- he writes a column on parenting), a strong dose of "Vitamin N" is needed, repeated by step 3. [ Vitamin N = no! - he contends that many children have a deficiency of this vitamin - and having had many children try to negotiate with me in school and child care settings, I'm inclined to agree.]
    5) Finally, pull over, even return w/o going to the desired destination (park, ice cream) whenever you notice her playing Houdini. There are some "clip on" rear view mirrors that let you peek in the back seat via the rear view.

    Good luck. It sure adds to your stress when transporting them.

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    My dd did this with her scenera a few weeks ago. She is 29 months, and is rf, so when she tried to do it I didn't know until she was already half way out of her seat ! (she did get her shoulders out, and was working on the legs)

    I put the rough side of some heavy duty velcro (it seemed extra scratchy) on the chest clip, and that keeps her little fingers off of it. It is just scratchy enough that she dosen't want to touch it, but it dosen't bother me.

    I have no idea if the middle slots on the regal ride can be used ff. Check your manual, or call dorel and ask.


    Momma to Kamryn-rf in a scenera, soon to be zebra marathon (hurry up UPS, we want our seat!)



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