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    booster seat weight important?

    My grandaughter, who is in our van several times a week, is almost 5 years old - 33 lbs. and 40+ inches. Her parents just got a new Volvo with a built in booster seat, which she loves. She would like to be sitting in a booster seat in our car also, although she could stay in her car seat for quite a while yet. I like the Clek Olli backless booster, but the suggested limits start at 40 inches and 40 pounds. Isn't the height most important in a booster because of seat belt angles? Should I consider a different booster instead?
    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: booster seat weight important?

    What seat is she in in your car? At five years and 33 pounds I'd be very wary of ANY booster. She's so little submarining (going under the seatbelt) is a risk. A child that petite needs a well fitting booster, and I wouldn't use one full time (my daughter was 32 pounds at five years, so I'm speaking from experience here). I certainly would NOT use a backless for any five year old. Not unless you're talking about a mile in your car once a week.

    I'd probably just leave her in the five point harness in your car, provided she fits in it properly. It's safer for a child of her size. We don't recommend boosters full time here until close to six years AND 40 pounds. We'd encourage her parents to put her back in a five point harness, and ask what seat she was in (keep in mind that a built in seat means should their car break down they haven't got anything to put in a rental or a friend's car, so we generally don't recommend built in seats as your only seat, plus they're all backless) or what their budget was for a new seat.

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    Re: booster seat weight important?

    I agree that it's important to abide by the weight limits on boosters. Children who are too small for a booster can slip under the lap belt, which is obviously quite dangerous. I also agree that a 4yo, or even a 5yo, should be in at least a highbacked booster -- backless boosters are intended for children who have outgrown highbacked boosters, and your granddaughter hasn't even really grown *into* a highbacked booster.
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    Re: booster seat weight important?

    I her weight and age, not only would I not even consider a backless, I'd have her in a harnessed seat.

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    Re: booster seat weight important?

    At 33 lbs, your GD is at the bare minimum for using Volvo's booster. Most high back boosters have a 30lb minimum so again, she's barely makes the size range.

    Just as important as height & weight, behavior and maturity are issues for booster use. Using a booster requires a child to remain upright and with the seat belt correctly positioned (no moving around, leaning over, or falling asleep and leaning to the side) for the entire trip.

    Remember also that every step in child restraint use is actually a step DOWN in the child's safety and protection.

    As long as she still fits in the seat you are using, there's no reason to consider a booster. What are you using now?

    If she is nearing the upper limits of your seat, there are many readily available options for taller/heavier children to continue to ride in a 5 pt harness. Most of these seats can be used as a booster after the harness has been outgrown.

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