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    Need help with Toyota Tundra tethers!

    My dh just purchased a 2006 Tundra double cab. We have 3 kids, ages 9,6, and almost 3. The older 2 sit in Turboboosters and are fine. The problem I'm having is installing ds's Touriva.

    Right now he's okay ff in the center with latch and top tether (tether is attached to the back of the center seat). With this arrangement we can still remove a booster outboard and then tumble the back seat (somewhat) to get to the storage compartment underneath. However, if I try to install him outboard on either side, the top tether hooks are attached to the back wall of the truck, not the seat. Because of this, I can neither get the tether tightened NOR tumble the seat forward after installation. Does this make sense? I just cannot understand why the outside anchors are located in this position! I can't get my hand down behind the seat to even reach the anchor! Is it just the Touriva tether that is giving me a problem, or the design of the truck?

    Thank you for any help you can give....I love the truck, but am very frustrated with this issue...

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    CPS Technician TXDani's Avatar
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    My husband has a crew cab Titan and the tether anchors are also on the back wall of the truck rather then on the seat itself. They are right below the headrest so it makes it *very* difficult to get the tethers tightened on my Britax seats since they have to be adjusted to such a short length to be taught. What I have found helps with hooking up the thethers is to pull the seat back forward and hook up the tether and then flip the seatback back into place and install the carseat. Then once it is installed I can pull the tether as tight as it will go and finish off my install. Dang trucks and their tether locations...ugh! HTH!

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    Thanks for the suggestions,but.....the tether locations for both outboard seats on the Tundra are located near the floor of the back wall of the truck. AND the Touriva tether has the "tightener" right next to the clip, so it's impossible to reach back there and tighten it since it's between the seat and the wall, and so close to the floorboard. Sigh....

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    Is there any way to reach the tether adjuster from the rear truck bed/cargo area if you were to climb in via the tailgate and then reach in through a window on the back of the truck's cab? I don't have any experience with pickups, just trying to picture what you're describing and think of any suggestions. Sorry I can't think of anything else to try.

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    Nope, the back seats are so close to the rear wall, there's no space there and no way to slide the seats forward. Reaching from the door side, underneath the seat almost works, but not quite. I just can't imagine what they were thinking here!

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    CPS Technician Lys's Avatar
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    My DH has Tundra. I used it as a practice vehicle for my CPST certification.
    The tethers positions are terrible. I have a Marathon and usually I lift the seat back just enough to get the tether behind the seat. Then, I reach from underneath the seat to attache the tether. Sometimes it helps to lift the bottom of the seat ( where it folds)
    My problem is the tether adjuster is hard to get behind the seat and I have to really wedge it in between the rear of the cab and the seat.
    It's a PITB.
    And no way in God's green earth will I EVER try to install the Regent in there!!

    Hope some of those tips help
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