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    Registration required

    I know this has to have been pointed out, so forgive me for being redundant.

    But I just noticed at the bottom of the page...way down there...where it says :
    All responses are the opinions of each indvidual, who may or may not have relevant training or familiarity with your vehicle/carseat. It is your responsibility to read and follow the directions in the owner's manuals. If you are unsure about information provided to you, please visit a local certified technician for a FREE CARSEAT SAFETY INSPECTION. REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED TO POST.
    Which doesn't match the new thing that has been edited into the blurb at the top of the page, right?
    apparently, people put stuff here.
    photos of my extremely adorable spawn.
    their stats and a
    witty quote.

    posted from my computer using the internet...
    Super SEEEEKRIT stuff here.

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    Registration became a requirement when there was all that spamming about a month or so ago. Since they required it, I don''t think I've seen any spam. They must not have realized it is still written as not required somewhere else on the site.

    CCO 4/15

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    Oops- I'll fix that. I thought I found them all!

    Yes, the spammers won:-( Makes it much more difficult for parents to post a quick question whose answer might help save a child's life.

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    There are two other threads that state registration isn't required.
    It's the Welcome Visitors post on the Car Seat board and a sticky post on the same board.

    Here are the links (in case I'm not being clear)

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    Re: Registration required

    Some changes have been made regarding registration requirements. You can read about them here .



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