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Thread: Keyfit 30

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    Keyfit 30

    Where can I get it in Canada? I live in a small town and don't have any big stores around me and I can't seem to find this anywhere. Somewhere online?

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    Re: Keyfit 30

    I don't think it is available in Canada at all. You can only get the Keyfit 22 here.

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    Re: Keyfit 30

    Not worth it. You can't get the 30 here yet and the 22 is $250 at sears. I would go for the SR32 or the SS1.

    for that price I would just get a convertable and carry the baby but I am odd.

    safe seat:

    Odd. I saw the SR32 on their site but it isn't there now.
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    Re: Keyfit 30

    You can get the Keyfit22 at for $199. There's another place too I believe that has it for $199, but I can't remember where. To me it is definitely worth it. It is an excellent seat. I have one in waiting for my baby due April 5th. I actually had to use it today for my 20 month old

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    Re: Keyfit 30

    There's a website that has the description for the Keyfit 30 and says it's available for purchase, but I know last email that I had with Julie (from Chicco,) she stated it wasn't going to be available in Canada based on current plans. Though it's always possible plans have changed...
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    Re: Keyfit 30

    I believe it's (.com?) that has the Keyfit for $199.

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