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    CPS Technician
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    Nautilus Armrest Issue

    My best friend just emailed this to me....

    So, J's been picking at the armrest on his Nautilus. He's down to the hard plastic in one place, and it won't take him long to do more damage. I don't know how it started, but I can't get him to quit doing it.

    Christine, do you think this is a bad thing? I guess I should find the book and see if this could be a warranty issue, but I don't know if he started it himself. Can I tape it? I guess if I did electrical tape or something like that....

    Dh just shrugged it off b/c he said he was a picker...

    I told her that she probably needed to call Graco but that I would post here for more input!

    Mom to Bethany, 7.5yo - Monterey/Nautilus and Benjamin, 3yo - Regent/Nautilus

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    CPS Technician mish's Avatar
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    Jan 2008

    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    I would say if a tear or something was present that he picked at, she should call graco. If he did it all by himself, they probably won't do anything about it. The only safety issue I see is a chocking hazard.

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    CPS Technician Splash's Avatar
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    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    I'd tell her to be thankful she doesn't have the weird rubber anymore!
    It's not gonna affect the safety of the seat, and it's not a warranty issue since it was her son who deliberately did the damage.
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    Admin - CPS Technician joolsplus3's Avatar
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    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    I would definitely call or email Graco... not because it's dangerous, but so they can find a way to improve the seat or redesign things somehow. (or just *maybe* issue a recall for choking hazards, yup... )
    CPST since 2003, pu"R"ple since 2008, three kids growing too fast since 1997, 1999 and 2006

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    CPS Technician bobandjess99's Avatar
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    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    ya, let graco know for informational purposes, but i wouldn't expect any sort of reimbursement for deliberate damage.

    Alex, 8 Katie, 12 and Annabelle Jan 2017

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    Moderator - CPSTI Emeritus Defrost's Avatar
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    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    Let her know my 12 year old did the exact same thing to his Air booster (same kind of material on the armrests.) When I pointed it out and asked him to stop, he agreed. Then a few days later I was getting ready to pull out, turned around and there he was picking at it again. I said "I thought you agreed to stop doing that," and he looked confused and said "Doing what?!" Then he followed my gaze down and said "Oh. I didn't even realize I was doing it!"
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    CPS Advocate Kat_Momof3's Avatar
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    Re: Nautilus Armrest Issue

    I would email Graco (you get more knowledgeable people) and let them know... because this is something that could become a choking hazard... after all, they say it's for kids 1 and up... what toddler doesn't do stuff like that?

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