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    Graco Snugride 32

    We purchased the Snugride 32 from in the Bombay pattern. We received it on 02/04/09, and the DOM is 11/12/08. My DS is 3 months old and weighs 15 pounds.

    I previously owned a Snugride, and have no experience at all with the Safeseat 1. From what I understand the Snugride 32 is the Safeseat 1 with a new name. However, a reviewer on stated that the Snugride 32 fit in the rear center position of her Subaru where the Safeseat1 had not, so I do wonder about that.

    After a week's consistent use, these are my conclusions.

    My favorite features:

    *Roomier: Because this seat is built to accomodate a 32 pound child, it is roomier. I guess this would not be a surprise. I noticed this especially in the width of the seat. Much easier to get my son in and out. This seat has 3 sets of harness slots where the original Snugride has two. Although my son was using the highest slots in the original Snugride, he is using the bottom slots in the Snugride 32. The distance from the crotch buckle to the lowest harness slot in the original Snugride was somewhere around 6 inches. In the SR32, that distance is closer to 9 inches.

    *Well cushioned: Our original Snugride has the "Gracopedic foam" attached to the plastic where the baby sits. I was afraid that this seat would be less comfortable because it does not have the same type of foam. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cover itself nicely padded in the center. Very cushy.

    *Easy installation: I was able to install the base of this seat using LATCH in about two minutes. I have not used the belt lock-off yet, but hope it works well to secure the base in my husband's car (no LATCH available). The base also includes a knob used to lower or raise it to change the rear-facing angle. I found it to be very helpful.

    *Not too heavy: I've seen other reviewers state they think this seat is too heavy. I don't believe it is that much heavier than the original Snugride. In fact, I believe the manufacturer's website specifies that the Snugride 32 weighs two pounds more than the Snugride. The handle of the SR32 is wider and more rounded than the original Snugride's handle. I feel it is easier to carry both in my hand and in the crook of my elbow this way.

    *Handle and base attachment mechanism: I find the handle adjustment mechanism to move much more smoothly than our original Snugride. I was always struggling to get both buttons pushed in at the same time to release the handle. These buttons operate smoothly and consistently. I have also found that the seat releases from the base much more easily than our previous seats.

    My not-so-favorite features:
    *Fabric: The fabric in the seat is shiny and sort of stiff. It makes some noise when moved and rubbed against. It does not feel at all plush, but I was spoiled by the fabric on our Recaro Youngsport. Its cold right now, but I anticipate my son getting kind of sweaty when the weather heats up.

    * All-weather boot: I have yet to figure out what Graco thinks a six-inch piece of fabric is going to do to protect a baby from the elements. Because my son is now 3 months old, the boot covers the bottom half of his legs, but I don't think it would cover any part of a newborn. It doesn't seem to go up high enough on the seat. I took it off because I have to use a blanket or pop-over cover anyway.

    *No strap covers: This particular pattern (Bombay) did not include covers on the harness straps. My son (as did all my children, and I would guess most babies) tends to drool and spit-up quite a bit. The harness straps are not washable in water due to the fact that they can be weakened, so they get quite gross and stained. Covers that could be drooled/spit up upon and then washed would have been appreciated. (I know there are other patterns available that do include strap covers.)

    Overall, I feel that this seat has some very useful features and I am looking forward to using it for several more months.

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