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    New Evenflo Embrace

    Here's the situation; I live about 20minutes away from the evenflo warehouse and they are getting ready to have their annual sale next month. There is a lady from bible study that is due to have a baby in May and will be having a baby shower and told me last week that she's glad she kept all her stuff from her oldest because she doesn't have to buy anything new. Well her oldest is 6.5yo so any carseat she has is expired and probably not that nice to start with since they're not real well off. So I was thinking if I could pick up a front adjust embrace at the sale that would be a good baby shower present. I know it's not the most fabulous seat but she has a blazer so plenty of room and as long as it's front adjust....

    So, would you be ok with giving an embrace?? I saw a couple of designer 22s at big lots the other day but they don't have any eps foam although they are front adjust.
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    Re: New Evenflo Embrace

    Do you think she'll remember to always put the handle down?

    If she's not going to pay attention to the handle, I'd rather an infant seat without EPS foam. If she'll pay attention and always put the handle down, then the evenflo seat is fine. The harness is nice and low and fits small babies well, and the shell is a decent height so she'll get a good amount of use out of it.

    I know Evenflo infant seats aren't the most popular around here, but there's nothing wrong with choosing it when it meets the needs best. The make or break it point for me would be the handle. I'm aware of at least one child having died due to the handle not being put down and in the collision the handle broke on rebound and pushed into the child's neck. She bled out at the scene. Obviously that isn't going to happen if the seat is used properly and the handle put down though...
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    Re: New Evenflo Embrace

    the only issue any of us really have with evenflo infant seats (and this even goes compared to graco rear-adjust snugrides) is that handle issue.

    Sure, rear adjust seats are harder to use... period... but why most of us would choose the rear adjust snugride over the evenflo ones (and this even goes back to when the snugride required the handle down)... is that horrid rule about being 1.5" away from the front seat.

    It's just not easily doable.

    Heck, it's why I chose a graco infant seat... because even in my big buick sedan I had at the time, with the driver's seat where I needed it to be, there was less than that amount of room. So, what I did was go graco and simply keep the handle down when transferring the seat into the car. If I was coming from the house, I would set it on the ground, put the handle where it needed to be, then lift it and put it on the base.

    So as long as she has the room for the handle and will do it right every time, then I think it's a fine seat.

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    Re: New Evenflo Embrace

    If the choice is between a NIB Evenflo Embrace and an ancient expired infant seat, I would go with column A.

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    Re: New Evenflo Embrace

    Really, the Embrace isn't the worst seat out there. If it is front adjust, that would be even better. Like others said though, the handle issue is a hard one. If she isn't going to put the handle down, it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

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