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    CPS Technician crunchierthanthou's Avatar
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    Survival tips in Parade Magazine

    particularly the crash section

    7. Walk Away From a Car Accident
    The uncomfortable hump in the backseat of a car is the spot where no one wants to sit, but experts say it's actually the safest for passengers. University of Buffalo researchers examined fatal automobile crashes in the United States between 2000 and 2003 when someone was riding in the middle seat. Factoring in variables--including weather conditions and the age and type of vehicle--they found that the rear middle seat was 16% safer than any other place in the vehicle. Overall, they discovered that riding in the back is 59% to 86% safer than riding in the front, and riding on the hump is 25% safer than riding in the rear window seats.

    And for those people sitting in the driver's seat: If you're searching for the safest vehicle, you might want to avoid cars with dark paint colors. In a study of 17 years of automobile crashes that resulted in death, injury, or serious damage, Australian researchers found that white cars were less likely to be involved in accidents than those of any other color. Compared with white cars in daylight hours, black cars had a 12% higher crash risk; gray, 11%; silver, 10%; blue and red, 7%. At dawn or dusk, black cars had a 47% higher crash risk than white cars; gray, 25%; silver, 15%.
    Interesting, though not ground breaking. The accompanying picture in the print version is a bit frustrating- booster sized kid on a bench with no headrests.

    anyone familiar with the studies he cites? Have we seen the University of Buffalo one?

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    Re: Survival tips in Parade Magazine

    I think the child was sitting in a lap-belt only seat too. Would the middle still be safer for a person in just a lapbelt?

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    Re: Survival tips in Parade Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by MomToEliEm View Post
    I think the child was sitting in a lap-belt only seat too. Would the middle still be safer for a person in just a lapbelt?
    No, no one should ever use a lap belt ever. If a car only has lap bet in the middle they are safer on the side.

    Emily tech and mom to Jacob 16, Daniel 13, Benjamin 9, Elizabeth 6. Child care provider to 4 other kiddos.

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    Re: Survival tips in Parade Magazine

    I'm not sure that's true, there are other studies that say the middle back is safest, period, regardless of belt type. It would be interesting to see all the studies put together, and I suspect that since the *vast* majority of children are improperly restrained, that the stats might be completely different for kids who are properly restrained (ie, they probably are safer in a good highback booster outboard than a lapbelt in the center). But it underscores my usual recommendation that if someone has to have the center lapbelt, it should be an adult.

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    Re: Survival tips in Parade Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by crunchierthanthou View Post
    Have we seen the University of Buffalo one?
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