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    carseats and flying

    Hi all. We are going to FL again this year in Feb for vacation YAY. But with all the fees for baggage it will cost more to check luggage and carseats. I think my boys at 4(or will be when we fly) will not need their carseats on the plane. But I want to take my marathons with me. Do you pay the baggage cost or shlep them through the airport even though they are not going to use them? My parents have smaller convertible seats that my boys will prolly have outgrown by now and might be close to expiring. I borrowed some from my sister who had twin boys as well

    anyways, any advice is appreciated!
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    Re: carseats and flying

    When I checked the Continental Airlines website, it had this in their FAQ:

    My child is under the age of two years and sits on my lap. When I check my one bag, will I be charged a service fee to also check my child's car seat or stroller?

    No. When traveling with a child, you may check a car seat or stroller as your first or second bag free of charge.
    I looked on American Airlines and Delta and didn't see any carseat discussion in related to their baggage fees. You may want to call your airline to see if they would charge a fee for checking the carseats.

    If it were me, I think I would just strap the seats to a luggage cart and bring them on the plane. That way I would know whey won't be lost or damaged, which might occur if they were checked as baggage.

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    Admin - CPS Technician LISmama810's Avatar
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    Re: carseats and flying

    I definitely wouldn't check them. They're way too likely to get damaged or lost.

    If you're brining them anyway, you might as well use them on the plane. The kids will be more comfortable (and more confined!), not to mention safer.

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    Re: carseats and flying

    The easiest way to do it would be to just use them on the plane. At that point you don't have to worry that the MAs will be damaged in transit or lost and they don't count towards your baggage allowance. You're already paying for your children's seats, and they're both more comfortable and safer that way too.
    I'd suggest a couple of luggage carts and some bungees to make them easier to tote. Plus, you can back a backpack of snacks and activities for each of your boys and attach them to the MAs.
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    Re: carseats and flying

    I agree with the other. If you are going to bring them, you might as well use them on the plane. My 4 year old is quite spirited and I couldn't imagine taking him on a plane without a carseat. It was hard enough keeping him calm and seated on a 15 minute light-rail ride.

    I am personally a huge fan of connecting the marathons to a rolling carry-on. Not only does it make it really easy to get them through the airport, but it also saves you from having to check another bag. I use a product called the traveling toddler.

    Here is my set-up:

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    Re: carseats and flying

    I just got done w/ traveling (7 flights, 2 international and 5 domestic). Since my kids are about the same age as yours, this is what I did: I brought a 1/2 booster for her and attached it to her carry on (she had a roller bag of her own) and I carried the Blvd (attached it to my carry on like in the other post) on the plane for ds to use. The 1/2 booster fit in the luggage compartment w/ her carry on bag. My 5 y/o loved using his seat on the plane and when we hit some turbulence it was nice to know he was comfortable. One of our international flights was 13 hours and he did not complain once about using his seat.

    Some airlines will now charge you for a stroller or car seat and you really don't want to take the chance that they will get damaged or lost. I know that United will charge you for the 1st bag. Alaska still lets you check your first bag for free.

    If you use his seat ask for a seat belt extender, it will make it so much easier getting the seatbelt undone and getting the car seat out!
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