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    Welcome to the Carseat Reviews Forum! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING


    Please also see car seat reviews from our staff at CarseatBlog!

    To keep this forum clean and professional, please observe the following guidelines before posting, and remember to save your work in another location before you post. Thank you!

    1) Registered members are invited to post original reviews of any carseat model to this forum. If you are not registered, your post may not be accepted for public viewing. Please register if you wish to post a review.

    2) All reviews are subject to approval by an admin or moderator before being made public. This time can vary from a few hours to a day or more. Please be patient, and we apologize for any delays. Please post in our Coffee Break forum if your post does not appear within a couple days. This forum is ONLY for reviews, please post other questions to the appropriate forum.

    3) Please post the Manufacturer's Brand name and exact Model as the title of your post (i.e. Graco Snugride DX). It may also be helpful to include the date of manufacture and any other specific details (like fabric style), as models do change over time. Please include a link to the official manufacturer's webpage for that model, if it exists.

    4) Reviews are expected to be detailed, with the advantages and disadvantages listed. Please include objective information on features and function, and subjective opinions about why you liked or disliked the product.

    5) Short reviews with little comparative information are discouraged. Reviews that are extremely positive or negative with little support may not be published. Please avoid blatant cheerleading or bashing. If a model really deserves it, please back up your comments with significant details.

    6) Please only post original content of current carseats, those in stock now at a major retailer like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, etc. Please do not abuse our reviews forum for the main purpose of providing links to an external website, as this may conflict with our advertising guidelines. An original photo or video of the carseat in use is preferred, but not required.

    7) You may reply to reviews to add information or correct misinformation. Flames and disputes will not be published. Please keep this forum professional. This forum will allow ratings of the reviews, and ratings are welcome.

    8) Reviews will generally not be approved from guests, members who have not confirmed an email address or members whose accounts have not yet been approved. This is subject to moderator discretion based on the quality and content of the review.

    9) Your reviews will help other parents, as we do get hundreds of unique visitors daily. Reviews of new and current models are particularly useful.

    10) Thank you for publishing! We recommend that you create your review in another application first, then copy it before posting. It is possible to lose information, especially if you use the Forward/Back functions on your browser. We cannot be responsible for lost information! Please, please back up your work before posting it. Also, since all posts to this forum must be approved by a moderator, there may be a delay before your review or comment appears.

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