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    Convertible for an extended cab truck.....

    A women from my LLL asked for recommendations for seats for her daughter. I think she is around 18 months and maybe 20 lbs, she is in a safe seat 1. She still fits but wants to be more upright. She has an extended cab truck. Am I right in thinking a seat with a rear-facing tether would be ideal since the back window would be so close? She is on board with keeping her rear-facing.

    I did search and couldn't find anything, sorry if this has been discussed over and over again!

    Just a reminder which seats can be tethered rear-facing? I know britax and the radian and know about the true fits coming out with the anti rebound bar. I'm thinking it is a small space not sure if the radian will fit, I can try mine in her truck if she is interested in it.


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    Re: Convertible for an extended cab truck.....

    If the baby can last in the SS1 until the TF comes out, I would be inclined to go with that. Without the base on the seat, it will be easier to load the baby into the back of a large truck, and it will keep her RF for a long time.

    Is it a 4 door truck? If it isn't a full extended cab and she has limited room, one of the big Britax seats may fit better because the base will lift it and the top of the shell will be over the top of the front seat.

    You are right though, the Britax seats and the Radian are the only ones that can be tethered RF.(At least I can't think of any others. LOL)
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    Re: Convertible for an extended cab truck.....

    My FIL drives a 2007 Toyota Tacoma extended cab. He has a EFTA RFing on the passenger's side. It does make the passenger seat moved up but it is definitely still a position that an adult can ride in.

    Putting the seat in the center position may help because then the seat can come up between the headrests of the front seat.

    There is no evidence that being next to the window is a danger. I'd be 100% fine with no top tether (in fact DD will be doing it on Sunday). Consider that if the RFing seat were to cocoon, it would probably go into the seat back and headrest, not over them into the window.

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    Re: Convertible for an extended cab truck.....

    We have a Marathon rr-ing in the middle back of a Chevy Silverado extended cab. Great install.
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