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    Exclamation Swap Access - Please Read for Changes

    Effective immediately, swap access is no longer being granted on a case-by-case basis for members who otherwise do not qualify for access. Those who wish to have swap access to clear out some items, and who don't otherwise have access through the other requirements, may gain access through supporting at a supporter level or higher.

    1) The first level of subscription is the Car-Seat.Org Supporter. The cost is $5.00 for 2 months or $10.00 for 6 months. Members who donate at the Supporter level will gain access to the Carseat Swap forum as well as a number of other enhancements. Community Members (10 posts, 10 reputation, 30 days registered) and Senior Community Members (100 posts, 50 reputation, 180 days registered) who donate at this level will also gain some additional features, such as increased private mailbox size (300), attachment size, profile customizations, photo album size and storage space. Supporters may also select a new title (Car-Seat.Org Supporter). Even for those techs and senior members who don't gain many new features, donations at this level are still a big help for offsetting rising costs of operating the forums! Plus, supporters will never see Google ad placements or top banner ads. Supporter donations are personal gifts, no goods or services are provided in return. They are non-refundable and no credit will be given for forum downtime or other issues, sorry!
    The moderator team recognizes that it has taken longer, and may continue to take longer, for Canadian members to accumulate both reputation and post counts in order to gain access to the senior community member and car seat swap areas due to a variety of reasons. Please understand that this policy is in place in the interest of being fair to the entire community as a whole. It is very hard to make exceptions for one group of people, without having others either feel it is unfair, or expect that an exception be made for them as well.

    Anyone who donates to gain swap access will be able to post to swap in the usual way of creating a thread in the swap forum, where it will go into queue until a moderator approves it. From this point forward, please do not post threads in the Canadian forum and request that they be moved to the swap forum. All future swap posts in the Canadian forum will be handled with the same policy as a swap post misplaced anywhere else in the forum, including but not limited to deletion of the thread, PM, and/or issuing an infraction.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    The Canadian Moderator Team
    Trudy - Canadian CPSAC certified CRST Instructor-Trainer and mommy to:
    Janeen - 17 yrs and learning to drive!
    Jillian - 11 yrs, 80'ish lbs, 5-stepping in each car. :O
    Jonas - 8yrs, 65lbs, Riding in an Oobr in each car.
    Both safely riding in either a 2007 Outlook or a 2015 Subaru Legacy depending on the day.

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