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    RF or FF on a plane?

    We are flying for the very first time in a week. It's a pretty long flight, KY-CA. I'm taking a Scenera because it's way lighter than our Decathlon. She's RF in the car and I was wondering if that's something we continue on the plane? She's almost 3 (in 2weeks) and about 24.5 lbs, and just over 34 inches.

    Also, is there any sort of different thing or something specific I need to know about installing the seat on the plane?

    And, just for bragging rights and to solicit votes when the time comes...the reason we are flying to California, specifically San Francisco is that Emily is a finalist in this year's BabyGap Casting call!!! I'm in complete shock and swore I'd never fly unless it was life or death. But, how can I pass up such an opportunity?

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    Re: RF or FF on a plane?

    I'd RF her, if possible. IMO, it's better to RF on a plane if possible because the distance between the seats is so small that a child in a FF seat could very well impact the seat in front of them. She will probably be quite upright, but at her age that isn't an issue.

    If you do FF, you might ask for a belt extender, so you can ensure that you can undo the lapbelt at the end. Sometimes they get stuck in a difficult spot and can make it difficult to uninstall.
    Natalie, CRST-I, mum of Greg (15), Megan (10), Benjamin and Samuel (6).

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    Re: RF or FF on a plane?

    At her age, you really can go either way on the plane. I prefer rearfacing because then the child is looking at me and I can entertain her easily. She is also less likely to be bothering the person in front of us by her kicking the seat.

    If you do forward face, remember to move the straps up if needed so that they are at or above the child's shoulders.

    Congratulations to your daughter on becoming a finalist in the BabyGap Contest. I hope she does really well during her trip in California! I hope you all enjoy your trip and get to do some fun things while you are there.

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