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Thread: Help me decide

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    Help me decide

    As are alot of people here, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the GN to see what it is like.
    I have 2 kids in car seats.
    K, who is 7 months, 21lbs, 28" and RF in a Graco SS. And will remain in it for as long as he can.
    C, who is 33 months old (will be 3 in 3 months), 34lbs, not sure how tall, but quite tall, FF in a Radian, and still has one harnass slot to go, it is a 48lber radian, but he has awhile in that.

    Now, in the next few months (or whenever K outgrows his ss) I will buy a new seat. Do I
    A) Buy another radian, put C into the higher weight radian and K into the 48pounder radian or

    B)Try out a GN for C when they arrive, and put K into the 48 pounder radian that we currently have?

    Any news yet as to when it might be here????????
    I forgot to ask as well, do we know what the highest harnass height on the GN will be?
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    Re: Help me decide


    The top harness slots on the Nautilus are approx 18". Very similar to the Radian, the difference is mostly dependent on installation and what the angle of your vehicle seat is. But for all intents and purposes each seat offers the same 18" top slots.

    If I were you I'd pass the Radian to the baby when the time comes, and get your oldest a Nautilus. It's supposed to be about $240 here, so pretty comparable to the Radian, plus it converts to a good booster.

    All that said, you'll want to take your kiddo to the store and sit him in it. Make sure he has sufficient shoulder room, leg support, etc. Try and think long term if you intend to use it in booster mode. And of course be sure to install it to make sure it works.

    If not the Nautilus then possibly a Frontier, or a TrueFit (two completely different car seat animals, but they both have 18" top slots which is why I list them as options).

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