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    Wonderful wonderful site

    I think this is an absolutely wonderful forum! And I am always referring friends here for info re: car seats. Do you know if any other states have a similar type forum? Or site? Esp one that might list info re: safety checks.


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    Thank you for the kind feedback! Unfortunately, websites with local checkup event lists are not well publicized. If the event is affiliated with SafeKids, you can find it on their website at . There is a radio button selector on the right side of the page to select your state for "Coalitions and Events Near You".

    You might also email the co-ordinator for your state, and they may know of a listing for your area. A contact list is here:

    Thanks again, and Good luck!

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    You can also find technicians on the NHTSA site...

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a list of Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians throughout the US.

    Child Seat Inspection Stations

    Child Passenger Safety Contact Locator

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    Larry LongNHTSA

    Registration Card Submission

    I have looked through Car-seat.Org, and yet to find any information regarding registration card submission. This card is of the utmost importance, for its the only way a manufacturer can contact the owner of a child seat if a recall takes place on that seat. The completion rates for child seat recalls are quite low because of the lack of registration card submission at the time of purchase. Its a common fact that most people do not submit these cards when any type of purchase made, whether it be a TV, or sterio. When purchasing an automobile, the 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is automatically put into the sales and warranty system of the manufacturer, once the sale of the vehicle had been made. Unfortuneately this is not the case when purchasing a child seat. What information is being given out to the general public regarding the importance of filling out these cards and sending them to the manufacturer?

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    Re: Registration Card Submission

    Thank you very much for noting this omission. I will add it to the FAQ and other documents in the next update. I do hope you found at least some valuable information in your reading.

    Of course, most consumers don't search the web to investigate the importance of registration cards. While I admit that more publicity in online resources can't hurt, the manufacturers themselves are in the best position to promote this. Sweepstakes, coupons or some other type of program which has some immediate tangible benefit to the consumer upon completion of the warranty card is one method.

    Also, you mention the automobile VIN. Perhaps something like this SHOULD be the case for products which are vital to safety, such as carseats. That type of effort would presumably have to originate with the NHTSA.

    As a technician, I ask each and every parent if they've sent in their registration cards. That's not voluntary; that is on the checklist sheet for each inspection.

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    NHTSA has a form on their site that you can use

    It's a PDF file, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can print it off and send it in to the National Highway Safety Administration (address is on the form), and they'll make sure that your seat is registered with the appropriate manufacturer.



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