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    Amy Moon

    becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safety c

    Please outline how to become a certified safety tech. Please give me info on how to sponsor a safety check in my neighborhood of Berwyn, Illinois.

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    Upcoming classes:

    You can find the list of upcoming classes at our Car-Safety.Org website:

    You can probably get a lot of help with sponsoring your carseat event by contacting your local SafeKids coalition, or a local technician instructor who organizes events for an area hospital, police or fire department.

    I'm not sure who organizes events in the near west suburbs. If you have no luck with local police/fire/hospital, I suggest starting with these contacts:

    Tom McQueen, Northern Illinois Co-ordinator for Child Passenger Safety, 630-420-6197

    Janet Holden, Technician Instructor in Oak Park, IL, 708-386-7179

    One of those two should be able to get you on the right track for a local contact!

    Please feel free to post again if you have any more questions, or are unable to find anyone in your area.

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    Safety Consultant

    Re: becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safe

    Also you might try:

    USAA (they inspect already installed & they give away new seats)
    GEICO (or other major insurance companies)

    I have worked with both in the past. They are very generous and extremely helpful)

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    Re: becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safe

    How do I find out about classes in other states? I live in NC.


    PS: How much time does it take to get certified? Just wondering...

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    Re: becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safe

    Hi Lynda-

    I posted some contact information under your other post. There is another great carseat website based at the University of North Carolina:

    Bill Hall is the contact for this site. I am sure he would know if a list of events exists in areas of North Carolina. His email is listed as:

    The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
    CB# 3430 Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    919-962-2202 or (in NC) 800-672-4527

    Thanks again for visiting!

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    Re: becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safe


    I just became a Tech. I had to take a 32 hour class and attend a car seat checkup clinic. If this is something you are interested in, I highly recommend it. It's a great class!

    Best wishes,

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    Re: becoming a certified safety tech & sponsoring a safe

    You may want to contact Ken Lynch (Orland Park Police) 708-349-4111 who runs the Southern CPS Coalition and has numerous departments in the coalition.



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